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It is often argued that pupils with the highest grades should be honoured, while others feel those who improve the most should be commended. This essay will discuss both points of view and argue that those who attain the
most people have thought of students' rewards and achievements nowadays should be both sides equal because children who hard struggle have to be praised rather than getting priced. later ,on will shed both opinions
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People’s opinion differs as to whether Reward should be given to top students, or to those who show upgradation. I support the former viewpoint on this matter.
Educationion has a vital role in all humanbeings life. A fair amount of people believe that children who perform significant in education must be appreciated whereas others argue that children who show a slight improveme
Many dream of academic success. This becomes reality for some but not all. One can argue that achieving the best academic results should be rewarded. On the other hand, it can also be argued that improvement should be re
Some argue that pupils who reach the topmost ranks in examinations should be honoured while, others say that it is more imperative to admire the students who show positive progression in their performances. I personally
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