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Undoubtedly, violence shown on T.V. has become realistic, but in ,reality the scene was created with fakery and imagination without causing any harm. Therefore, some would believe that portrayed imagination could create
communities are becoming a big fan of tv industries. some parts of society assume the the fighting scenes are non-dangerous while other advocate this type of films will exeggerate negative impact on people life.therefo
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The fictional violence on TV, nowadays, is mostly argued in terms of its worst impact on the nation. While some believe that they are innocuous, others claim that these images are not worth watching because of their nega
Fictional brutality illustrated on television and entertainment industry has been regarded as non-toxic by some people. On contrary, others are of the opinion that it leads to violent behavioral patterns in the society.
Today’s technology-driven era has given rise to plentiful ways of amusement. One school of thought is that fake fights broadcasted on various television channels should be treated as means of entertainment, whereas some
In this modern era, youngsters are highly influenced by television shows regardless topic of the programs. A significant number of civilians believe that dramas which are based on crimes are only for entertainment purpos
In the context of a modern world, the advent of advanced technology has facilitated virtually every aspect of lives with no exception regarding the field of media. Some people assume that humans are being bombarded with
Both the given option have there merit and demerit hence the choice become many people believe that television violence is very debatable issue in our modern society .where other argue that showing this violent pecture
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