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The chart presented below illustrates the money (in pence), one britain person used on fast foods in one week. Overall, the chart shows that those britains who have high income spent more pences on different fast foods (Hamburgers, Fish and Chips, Pizza)
The given chart provides information regarding the fast food consumption rate in Britain based on people's incomes. The second chart indicates the changeable consumption of three types of food in a period of time between 1970 to 1990.
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Firstly, The bar chart depicts how much a person with low income, average income, and high income in Britain spent per week on 3 different fast foods in the year 1990, whilst the line graph displays the consumption of these foods between 1970 and 1990.
The graphs give information about how much money the British people spent on fast food weekly and the uses of hamburgers, pizza and fish and chips over a period of 20 years. Overall, it is clear that the high and average income groups are exppenditure on
One study about the fast food in Britain was focus in two topic: the first part showed the amount of money per week that british people spent in junk food, and on the other hand the investigation showed the trends of consumption in fast food.
The bar chart compares three different class of income's spendings on fast food per week in the year of 1990 in the UK and the line graph illustrates the amount of consumption of hamburgers, fish & chips and pizza over a 20 years period.
The chart shows that high income earners consumed considerably more fast foods than the other income groups, spending more than twice as much on hamburgers (43 pence per person per week) than on fish and chips or pizza (both under 20 pence). Average incom
The chart illustrates how much money is being spent on junk food divided by the income. every week in Britain and the graph indicates the changes in the consumption of different kinds of fast foods in the span of 20 years, from 1970 to 1990.
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