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The given pie chart illustrates the portions of the destination of people who graduate from one university in the major of anthropology. While the table depicts different types of the employee`s salary after 5 years.
The pie chart illustrates data on how Anthropology graduates from one specific university continued their career after completing their undergraduate degree course,whereas the table how much the salaries of the Anthropol
The pie chart compares what one university’s Anthropology students did after completing their undergraduate degrees, while the given table provides information about how much money they earned after 5 years.
The pie chart illustrates the proportion of Anthropology graduates who engaged in six different categories of jobs after completing their undergraduate degree. The table demonstrates the amount of money which was earned
The pie chart shows the destinations of anthropology students from one university. Overall, it is seen that a significant rate of students who go to full-time work after graduating in anthropology and the salaries of gov
The diagram illustrates the students of Anthropology graduates from the same university what type of work they are doing after completing their Specific Course in that degree along with table that displays salaries after
The graph indicates Anthropology graduates' destination from a university and the table shows how much do these graduates earn after participating in work 5 years later.
The pie chart given illustrates a number of things Anthropology graduation students did after completing their studies in this field. The table below also depicts their income after five years of working as a freelance c
The graph demonstrates what anthropologiest do after getting thier bachelor dergee, furthermore the table contains statistic about an average income after 5 years of employment as an anthropologist. It is evident from th
the given pie charts descibe the amount of journal articles read per week by all students, PhD students and junior lecturers at an Australian university.
The pie chart reveals careers that anthropology graduates from a college do after their undergraduate degree courses are finished.The table illustrates the anthropologists' incomes in jobs after a half-decade.
Contained in the pie chart are the types of jobs which people take after graduating in Anthropology whereas the table illustrates their salary after 5 working years.
The pie chart provides information about the destinations of people who finished the Anthropology course from one school, on the other hand, the table presents their income after working for five years.
The given chart illustrates the destination of Anthropology graduates from one university after their graduation. Meanwhile, the table demonstrates how much salaries anthropologists earn after five years of work. Units a
The chart below shows the Anthropology graduates from one university after finishing their undergraduate degree course, and the table shows the salaries of the anthropologists in work after five years.
The charts illustrates the destination job and the average of salaries after five years by Anthropology graduate from one university. Overall, The most graduated of anthropology become a full time worker, while the type
The condition of anthropology alumni after completing their bachelor's degree is delineated into two visuals. First, their types of activities are portrayed in the pie chart with different colours and patterns. Second, t
The graphs reveals some information about the employment status of Antropology graduate students from a university and their salary according to the type of employment after five years. It generally shows that more than
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