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The main endeavour of writing this letter is to express my concern about the deteriorating condition of the famous building which is Queen’s library. It is an ancient library and was made by Queen Victoria so it is the most heritage of our city. Besides t
I am writing to draw your attention that some historic buildings in Damietta are in bad shape and they need some care. I would be happy if you consider this issue favourably.
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My name is Ekaterina Shadenkova and I would like to ask for your help in covering the story about the situation that has been going on in our local area, in Antalya, Kepez Karshiaka district. There is an old building that causes a lot of trouble for peopl
I am writing this letter to bring to your kind notice about our local library building which is located on the main street and this one of the best places to read and gain the knowledge for all of us.
I am Fidan Durrani, a resident of Kohefiza, Bhopal. I like to bring to your notice that the historic aquarium, 'The Aquatic World' near our area has been in very poor condition. I am writing to you in order to spread awareness of the same among the neighb
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