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I'm Dheeraj SUdarsanam. Living in the Mullenger Road, Braybrook. Recently, when I was talking with my friend who works for the council, I got know a private developer is planning a shopping centre in Laura streer, Braybrook which is the next street to my
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I'm writing to you in hope you can share more details of the construction of a Shopping centre on Baycrest Ave with Bathurst. I assume that, as a council, you have more information than what has been circulating in the neigborhood.
My name is Khadega Amer and I have been living at AL AIN Tower since 2018. I am writing this letter to enquire about the information that I have received about building a shopping center in my neighborhood area.
It has come to my attention through local newspaper- The Times that a shopping complex is going to be constructed near the Florence Street suburb. Through the aforementioned source I have got to know that it would be a 30-acre project, and will commence c
Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and best of spirits. My name is Rushi Patel and I heard in the news about the upcoming project of shopping centre near my home.
I am writing this letter in reference to an announcement in the India Times newspaper, regarding a shopping centre whose development is planned at Delta Avenue, Sector-103. To be specific, this advertisement was displayed on 23-09-2020 in the Real Estate
My name is Michael Scott and i am writing this letter in order to obtain more information about the rumors under a new mall being to be construct near itaim village.
I am resident of Lake County and have been living there since my birth in 1985. I am writing this letter in regards to the new shopping centre being built in our locality.
I am writing to request an information that the council decided to shopping mall in our neighborhood. I have just seen your developer plans in the local newspaper.
I have recently seen the news that you are planning to build a shopping center on Istiklal Street. I have been living on Istiklal Street for 10 years and this news is really popular among residents at the moment.
I am Jason Bourne, resident of the Bella Vista community homes located in Santa Clara. I am taking this opportunity to inform you about an ongoing plan to construct a shopping centre on the intersection of Hope Drive and Lick Mill road.
I am writing this letter to seek more details on the development projects planned for Maiden Society. I came to know from local media that the construction of a shopping centre by a private builder is scheduled to start this December.
My name is Krishnapriya. I have been living in 12(B) apartment in Green city villa since 5 years. I hereby writing this letter to know more about the upcoming skyscrapers project near to our villa.
I am writing this letter to file a claim regarding the hectic traffic near my neighbourhood. This is due to the ongoing construction of the new shopping centre near my home in the Southern part of Puthi Street.
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