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I read an article in your esteemed newspaper in which the writer mentioned the town centres of my country. The article was very well written and provided a great deal of information on different shopping malls, restaurants, and many corporate offices. I really liked that it had details on different modes of transport which tourists could use to explore the city centers.
I am K.L Nimal Perera and I would like to inform you that, regarding the newspaper article last Sunday (20.06.2022). The article was about our town centre and the writer has been described about several things which town centre is contained. According to that, our town centre is same as all other centres. However, I should convence you the architechural desing, landscape and in side the bulding are different from all other town centres.
Hope this letter finds you well. My name is Anna. I have been living in Turkey since I was born. I am writing this letter to you express my opinions about your article in the Daily News. I finished your article yesterday. I do not fully agree with your opinion on some points.
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