Women and men are commonly seen as having different strengths and weaknesses. Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because og their gender?

Some people argue that because men and women are very different in their strengths and weaknesses, there should be gender restriction for many particular jobs. In my opinion, this point of view is totally wrong. On the one hand, I agree that males and females have their own natures, which results in the fact that they may naturally perform their duties well at this type of job, but not the other. This can be seen clearly when we look at the gender distribution of staff in a nursery and a police station. Because of their gentle and careful characteristics, women are more likely to hold maternal role of teaching children in pre-schools, while men, with muscle strength and flexibility, are predominated in the role of protecting the community. With this example, I can understand why many people think we should not employ men or women to work in some certain positions: men, who are naturally strong and impatient, may hurt children by accident, while women, who are usually weak and vulnerable, may not be suitable to be involved in a fight with dangerous gangs. On the other hand, I believe that excluding men and women from certain professions may not be acceptable. To be more exact, preventing people, no matter males or females, from pursuing their dream career is wrong. Everyone who really loves their job can successfully handle it despite of their weaknesses. For instance, in Vietnam, women are commonly regarded as less physically strong and talented as men and that is why they were once absolutely unseen in pilot positions. But in 2015, a woman with a dream of becoming a captain in an airplane at the age of 5, has made her dream come true and dispel the prejudice of so many people when she was assigned as the captain of the Vietnam National Airlines. This instance is a clear evidence for the idea that passion and perseverance can help people succeed in the fields they love. In conclusion, I do not think that males and females should be excluded from any occupation. Instead, we, the public, should pay less attention to the differences between men and women and encourage them to pursue the career they like, so that there may be more successful female pilots or brave police women on the street, and more great male role models for children in nurseries.
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