Your recently visited a store and didn't like the customer service there. Write a complaint letter to the store manager and say -What was the issue there? -Why wasn't the staff helpful? -Suggest what can be done about it

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
letter to file a complaint about the unpleasant treatment that I have received during my shopping tour inside your research institute. In fact, I was searching for significant reading materials for my master degree thesis. As a matter of fact, I demand from the reception to guide my way for the reference section,
, all responses were absent by the staff working there.
, I waited over one hour until the employee provided the password for the computer. Unfortunately, all workers in
library were very occupied with personal staffs which distracted to serve the clients properly.
, the supervisor was totally unavailable who was supposed to manage his team in order to improve the customer service under
circumstances. I should suggest that the HR department implement several stringent rules on the employees which will ensure the clientele satisfaction.
, I hope that the IT technician develops an online website that will reduce the workload on the staff. Your prompt action is highly required. Faithfully yours, Mr Ali Hammoud
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