You have visited a store and bought set of china tea cups which later you found broken but store denied to replace it. Write a letter to the manager of the store describing situation. In your letter add following points: •State what problem you had with the purchased item. •Complain about the inability of the sales staff to address the problem. • Describe how you want the store to solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing
letter in regard to a recent purchase I made at your store and it turned out to be damaged. On May 13th I came to buy a set of china tea cups at the moment of acquiring I never ended up checking the state of the crockery. So, when I got home and opened it had cracks and scratches on it.
, once I discovered the issue I immediately went back to get a replacement but the store clerk denied the reasonable request and I was left disappointed.
In addition
as a
,resort I asked for a refund but the sales representative argued against it. As a solution I would like my money back on my Visa card or in cash I do not want a gift card as I no longer want to buy any more items from your location and neither I want a replacement. I hope you have an action plan for
kind of situation and I hope you will make the arrangements for returning my money back. Thank you Yours Faithfully, Sonam Mehra
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