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Hope you are doing well. I am travelling to Mumbai for business conference and for one week my house will be vacant. So, during my absence I request you to take care of my premises.
I am writing this letter to inform you regarding my two-week vacation to Paris. My Husband and I will be travelling to France on 11th October, which is next Friday. Thus, I would like to ask a small favor from you in regards to our apartment.
I am writing to thank you for accepting to manage my home during my absence period which will last till the 25th of the current month. Let me introduce myself, I am Ali Hammoud, and I have been settling in this flat for three years.
I am ecstatic and elated to write this letter to inform you regarding my upcoming vacation for a week as I have got a special discount offer from my employer which I cannot think of it in my dream as well and I feel really blessed to have such a fabulous
I am writing this letter to ask a favour from you this upcoming holidays. I will be away for a week from April 10th until April 17th to visit my parents in Bicol and I would like to ask for some of your time to look after my house for that said week.
I am writing this letter because I give you my house's responsibilties. You are my neighbour as well as very honest person that's why i think you will be good to take care of my home.
Hope you are all well, and that you enjoyed your family vacation in Paris! I hope you found your car and a great shape I took care of it as you requested me. I am writing this letter to inform you that I'm leaving next week for a business trip, and I woul
I am writing this letter to request your help to watch over my house during my absence. Since I would be away for a week, travelling to visit my family in London. I need you to take care of certain things, so that I will not be tense about the safety of the home.
Hi, I'm Hinako. I have something to ask you. Actually, I have a plan to go away because I have to visit America in terms of my work. So that while, I ask you to take care of my house.
I am writing this letter to ask you for help to take care of my house as I am not here for coming one week on my holidays. I am going to my Aunty's house in Chicago because I have a three days seminar near her building. So I will spend my off days with her as she invited me so many times to stay with her.
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