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Ageing population is one of the crucial and inevitable isuue in our world. Most of developed countries’ rate of individuals who are older than 65 has been increasing recently. This pattern may lead to several drawbacks l
In the modern world, a variety of developed countries nowadays have a significant number of people over the age of 65. Old people might cause some problems, such as a lack of public transportation and nursing homes. I re
In many developed countries a considerable segment of the population is people who are more than 65 years old. It is obvious that this may cause some serious issues for the countries. However, there are measures that can
the pace of demographic ageing has been rapidly increasing. in my view, this poses fiscal as well as economic pressures for the government. there are a few methods to address these complications.
Human resourses is very important to any country, and keeping balance between different ages and also male and female ratio ensures economical stability and strength.
It has been a recent concern about the number of increasing senior citizens in developed countries . This may increase the workload on governments in the countries and the solution lies in allowing more easy immigration
Nowadays, a trend of reduced younger population is seen in the first world countries. Owing to this, the society there therefore, comprises of adults at the age over 65. In this essay, I will delve deeper into the proble
majority of developed countries the large portion of their populations is over age of 65 this situation is causing the countries some economic problems.
The new technology nowadays have provided us with the most incredible health care quality. For this reason, the human age have been increased dramatically, and the normal average of population become the 60’s and sometim
Nowadays many developed nations are facing main issue with old age, due to this countries are facing several problems for this but certain messagure could prevent this issue.
As people get older they need more attention and help. Nowadays alot of countries have people over the age of 65, and that might cause an economic problem. As it mentioned earlier elderly people need more attention where
The enhancements in the medical industry have improved overall life acceptance to a further limit. Eventually, this resulted in a major population of a country belonging to a senior age group of 65 in many parts of the w
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