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Now a days, crime among the youngsters is a common problem. Recently pictures shows that an increase in crime among the individuals which is under the age of 18. Some of the psychologist says that number of of crimes were increased during the usage of Internet and social networks. But sum of the psychologist said that individuals need the learn from teachers and parents I will discuss points of agree in upcoming paragraphs.
The recently released statistics indicates that there is a spike in dangerous activities carried by eighteen years old. A number of experts are of the opinion that the increase is influenced by the inability of parents and educators to provide the kids with required social and emotional education needs.
It is often believed by some that natural ability is needed to be successful in a sport activity. While others are of the opinion that working hard and training can yield similar result. I will examine both views and discuss why success based on either talent or hard work depends on the particular type sport.
Latest studies reveal a significant rise in the number of an aggressive felonies related to young people who do not overpass eighteen years. There are some psychologists that believe the reason why is the lack of social and emotional teachings from parentes children, even from their teachers. I have to say that I strongly agree with this point of view, due to the enormous changes that the family role has experimented with during the last ten or fifteen years.
Today’s society has been pressured into resolving numerous tough and sensitive issues that have become stronger and negatively affected to all people, especially the young generations who are living in the information and digital age without necessary control and permissions from their parents and teachers. It’s undeniable that families and schools play paramount roles in children development in their personalities and psychology, which forces the under 18-year-old to walk on the criminal road unless having it. Nevertheless, a host of considerable reasons in relation to the constantly changing society, technology and education system is also regarded as the big contribution to the climb in young criminals.
One of the matters raising certain concerns among society members is an increase in violent crime among youngsters under the age of 18. To make it clearer, the problem is children these days are not getting the social and emotional learning they receive from parents and teachers. Nowadays, crime crimes was increasing increase all over the world. According to my, youngsters are not getting enough support from their parents as well as from the teachers, while some children are attracted children attracted to the bad habits through their friends.
According to a survey, youth crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Some people assert that the main cause for this, is that they do not get moral and ethical values from parents and teachers. However, I believe that there are also many other factors contributing to such circumstances.
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