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At present age, due to access to technology, it is much easier for the young generation to learn something, but when it comes old generation, people have partial views. Few argue that they should continue to learn but a
As a highly controversial issue, some people believe that old people are required to learn something new and others think it is uncalled-for after 65 years old because they are unable to use new materials. I personally
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A fraction of people believe that learning has no age while some do not support it, and convey that it is too late to gain knowledge past the number of 65 years. I hold the opinion that continuing progress by constantly
It could be thought that it is highly important for the elderly to learn continuously. While others may argue that after a certain age the process of learning hardens and becomes of no use. From my point of view, I am in
I am of the opinion that the elderly, or specific individuals aged 65 or more should be highly encouraged to continue to learn despite their age. To support this argument, I have two reasons; firstly, they tend to be the
Many edged people have been bringing information in their life at post retirement.This lead to upgrade them day by day and keep enthusiastic.On the other side,
There is a tendency amongst people to believe that once a person passes the age of 65 years they have crossed the threshold into the retirement realm, and there is no point in learning new things as they have completed t
Certain folks presume that elderly individuals benefit from acquiring knowledge of new things. However, some think that it is not important or rather late to learn once someone is above 65 years old. From my perspective,
There has always been two different opinions about when to stop learning. Traditionally, age of sixty five was considered as the maturity to retire. But, Things are changing now in the modern world where a same maturity
There is a tendency to believe that training new skills and obtaining novel information for elderly people can be advantageous, although many others claim that the age act as a main barrier in this regard. From my perspe
There is no doubt that one can learn at any age of life. There is no limit to learning. Some people believe that old people do learn new things. While others argue the dotage limit. In my opinion, learning is beneficial
There is no doubt that one can learn at any age of life. There is no such limit for learning. Some people believe that old people do learn new things. However, others argue the age limit. In my opinion, learning is benef
It is considered that senior people can benefit by learning new things. On the other hand, some people think that it is too late for them to learn anything new. I agree with the foremost view.
In today's world of modernisation the human mind and body are able to surpass every limit. With increasing age it is indeed biologically and physically more difficult to learn new skills but studies show the positive out
Nobody can deny the fact that old age brings with it, mental and physical degeneration, posing hindrance in acquiring any new skills. Thus, whether or not, it is useful for elderly people to engage in new activities, is
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