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The diagram highlights the manufacturing of aluminium cans which are to be recycled there are seven steps in the process from transfering the cans through trucks to labling back and ready to be used again
The diagram below illustrates the recycling process of aluminium cans. Overall, it takes five steps for an aluminium can to be recycled.
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The diagram illustrates how the aluminium cans are being recycled in different steps.
The diagram represents the way in which the aluminium cans are recycled.Overall, there are seven stages in the whole aluminium bottle recycling process, beginning with the throwing away of used cans in some specific bins
The map above illustrates how the recycling process of aluminium cans is being done, in this ,essay we are going to go through the steps.
The given diagram shows the process of recycling aluminium cans. Moreover, it reveals how this product appears on supermarket shelves again.
Depicted in the given diagram is the process of recycling aluminium cans. There are several steps untill cans ca be reused. These procedures are divided into collecting, recycling and producing processes.
The given diagram illustrates the process by which the aluminium cans are recycled by using the machine.
The diagram describes the steps taken in the recycling process of aluminium cans;a process which seems to be of vital importance in the UK with 74% of the Aluminium cans that are sold being recycled.
The flowchart depicts all the necessary steps in recycling aluminium cans. Those processes will be divided into two crucial steps: compressing and recycling the items.
The scheme illustrates the aluminum recycling process. The diagram shows 7 steps which used for recycling. Such as “used cans”, collection, cleaning, sorting, shredding and compressing, heating and melting, rolling, recy
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