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The diagram illustrates how Willington town evolved through the years, in 1780, 1860, and 2000.
The maps inclines three periods of development of a town, called Willington in the years of 1780, 1860, and 2000. Excluding the river, other facilities had a big change, especially the removal of farms and woods but increase in housing areas, road infrast
The maps illustrated how a town named Willington changed in the years 1780, 1860, and 2000. From an overall perspective, it is apparent that the village became more modern over the surveyed years, including a new bridge, road, villages, shops, sports fiel
The maps illustrate how Willington town changed over 220 years, in 1780, 1860 and 2000.
the maps given illustrate the renovations which happened to the town in the time period between 1780 to 1860 and 2000.
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