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I hope you’re enjoying your post school vacation at the fullest. I’m writing this letter to put you out of dilemma regarding the selection of the career path post schooling. Out of the two options you mentioned in the letter (either to opt for higher education in a college or to search for the job), I would advise you to take up the second option.
How’ve you been? It was a pleasure to hear from you after such a long time! Hope you’re enjoying life after high school? I’m writing you to give you my opinion regarding the path I think will suit you, as you’re done in high school.
I hope you are in good health. I am really glad to know about the completion of your bachelor’s degree. I am eager to give you my suggestion regarding either join a postgraduate college or hunt a job. As far as my personal experience is concerned, it is quite boring and hectic to pursue postgrad studies without any break. I think its time for you to explore the job market. As you wrote in the letter most of your friends are going to search for a job. So, you would not be able to enjoy the university and concentrate as well.
I hope you are doing well. As we have been friends for many years and I know about your characteristics and qualities very well I recommend you not get into any college because you have been more talented in practical skills rather than theories and core subjects and I am sure you will gain more success in the future if you follow your inherited potentials.
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