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Hope you are doing well. I got your mail saying that you were wondering if attending a university or applying for a job would be a better idea. My suggestion for you is that starting to work as early as possible probably suits you better.
I'm writing to you to respond to your previous letter asking me some advice. I know that it is quite crucial now for you to make the most important decision in your life. I personally believe that you'd better pursue a career rather than continue your edu
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It's really great to hear from you again! I understand how difficult making the decision on furthering your education can be, but I'm glad you reached out. Sincerely, I highly doubt you will have a pleasant time in college seeing as you already had a well
I hope you are doing well, as well your family too. Thank you for your consideration. Going to school is probably a good asset to start a good future since it gives you a higher chance of getting a good job. But according to your age of a growing up woman
How are you doing? it is almost two years that we didn't write to each other, I received your letter about your hesitation in choosing to continue in your study or to search for a job opportunity.
How are you? It has been such a long time since we have been able to catch up and meet each other. I hope you and your family members all are doing good. I'm writing to give you some advice about whether to go to college or to try to get a job.
Hope this letter finds you well and I am writing this letter in response to your request for the advice on next move in your career. I know, it is not easy to ignore and go away from studies, but on the other hand, you have such remarkable technical stu
For your letter about my recommendation for your choice about the wheather to take get a job in other to urgently meet up with your dailu and family deamands, or go to college for a degree
Good to see a letter from you and thanks for choosing me to query about choosing your platform. I am glad to suggest you and I thought a lot about it to reply you back with the decision which will decide your life.
I’m writing in response to your last letter requesting my guidance on if you should search for employment opportunities or attend university. Thank you for writing to me last week concerning my guidance on if you should search for employment opportunities
I am glad to see your letter after a long time. Since I have been busy with my hectic job, couldn't contact you any sooner. I know that you are a little worried and confused about what could be the best option for you, whether to join a college or find a
How are you? I’ve just received your letter and thank you that you are relying on me and asking for plethora of suggestions. I am trying to answer all of your questions as well as possible.
A number of people think that personal information is not needed by employers, while others are of converse viewpoint. Although people opine differently on this matter, I am convinced with the fact that it is quite advantageous for a firm.
I just received your letter yesterday and I am glad to hear that you are asking me for some suggestions about whether you should attend a college or grab a job . For my suggestion , I think you should join the job first instead of extending your education
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