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Hope you are well. I’m writing this email to you as I’d like you can send me one of the photos which I took in front of the Buda Palace in Tibet.
I hope you are doing great. It was a nice trip with you to Paris, France. I was really jet lagged, but feeling better now. I am writing to ask you to send me some photos of the Eiffel Tower which I have lost.
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How are you? I hope all is well. I'm sorry it took me quite some time to write after our trip to Japan. I was so swamped with work after I came back from the holiday. Anyways, it was indeed a memorable experience for me
How are you and how is your family been doing? I am writing this letter to inform you that accidentally I dropped my phone and its screen has turned all black. Moreover, unfortunately, I have not saved our vacation pictu
I hope you are back to work from our long trip from Bali. It was an amazing trip with those brilliant adventures we did together and a took some great pictures as well.
I hope you are doing great. It’s a great pleasure to write this letter first to thank you for your wonderful hospitality while I was in the Swiss and request a favour.
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