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Focusing on the problem that a young generation is facing from their parents nurturing is a point to ponder.Many people think it would be best if schools start teaching them about good parenting. I completely agree that, this is the best way tackle this issue of how to be a good parent in their coming life.
parents play a vital role in children's growing process; some individuals believe that it is appropriate methods for schools to teacher every young person to be a good parent. I agree with the statement to be a good parent needs good communication skills and provide sufficient time to make them healthy. I will discuss how these each factor makes good parent.
Good Parenting is must now a days looking at the children and their behaviour. According to some, parenting should include as a subject in the schools. Teching or guiding the children about parenting is one thing but at what age ? and does the schools are the good option for that ? I partially agree with this opinion. In this essay, I am going to present my opinion.
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