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Now a day, media have become one the major pillars of any democratic system as it covers all aspects of life. We often see celebrities like Politicians, Actors, Models and Players on television, radio, Facebook and newspapers. Many people are of the view that famous people are treated unfairly by the media because of excessive coverage and privacy should be given to them. Whereas, some refute this concept and proclaims that it is the price of their fame. Both points of view will be discussed in order.
Nowadays, with the advancements in the computer field, It is believed by many that computer skill is now the fourth skill after reading, writing, and mathematics. However, some people do not agree with this thought. I believe, it is a very good decision and it will add a lot of importance to any student profile.
The Museums are the custodians of every society and we must ensure that this extends to the other generations. Whilst some people argue that we must pay a token to visit these places, I believe that this decision is wrong.
Schools play an essential role in the development of a child. Parents need to consider various factors such as co-education or single-sex education being one of them, before making a correct choice for their children. A section of society feels that educating boys and girls in different school aids more focus on studies. While others think, co-education adds to one's maturity. This essay will discuss both sides with reasons and relevant examples.
One of the most topical issues in modern society is the climate change.It is frequently said that developing nation has the main task to tackle climate changes, however, others believe that it's a global challenge so the whole globe has the same duty to fight against this problem. In this easy, I will discuss both sides of the contentious controversy and provide my perspective.
With the increased use of social media in the recent years, many people are becoming more concerned about the adverse effect, the networking media has on the individuals and the society. While there are countless benefits of using social media, like Facebook and Instagram, in my opinion, uncontrolled and excessive use of such media has its toll on both the individuals and the society.
In some countries, the crime is increasing at an alarming pace and the number of prisoners has gone to the maximum level. It is argued by many that convicts should be made to do a volunteer job for the community instead of putting them in jail. In my opinion, I agree that people involved in a low level of offence and juveniles should not be put in the custody, instead, they should be given non-custodial sentences, while individuals involved in murders and terrorist activities should be put behind bars.
Historical arts and music represents country's rich history and culture.The government these days is spending a lot of budget on preventing our rich culture.Although, there is a certain group of people who think we are wasting our time and resources on protecting them.I totally disagree because our history needs to be preserved and protected. In this essay, we will discuss both sides of the coin before any conclusion can be drawn.
A few recruiters look for academic qualifications during selecting candidates at the suitable position rather than experience on work or personality. The reason is that university graduates are certified in their area of qualification which would help the employer to choose for the required position. In my opinion, it is a positive achievement.
It is a common knowledge these days that recycling of wastes from homes is not enough as some people refuse to bring their wastes for recycling. Certain individuals have argued that to increase the effectiveness of recycling, that it should be enforced on the citizens which I considered inappropriate. Rather than doing this, authorities can give incentives, make effective publicity and even teach recycling in schools and colleges.
It has been believed that a famous person can influence the public with their opinions. With the advancement of internet, young generation follow them. It has often argued that celebrities have a negative impact on an individual and the society; other support that they can positively influence the youngsters. This essay will illustrate my agreements on the merits of famous stars to the society followed by relevant examples.
Many people believe that a separate industrial zone should be established outside the cities to shift all the big industries there. I am of the view that, although it may have some minor drawbacks, it would be beneficial to the population in terms of environment protection and reducing the overcrowding on the city roads.
Humans are considered the most superior creature in the world. There are two schools of thought, one thinks that wildlife should have equal rights as human beings and they should not be abused, while others consider them as a tool for different purposes, particularly with regard to meal and investigation. I believe that animals should be treated and dealt with respect, at the same time, humans have certain necessities where animals can play a role.
The use of plastic bags is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. Hence, it is thought that banning plastic shopping bags is a need. I completely agree with this idea and think that the plastic bag ban would reduce the high level pollution of land and sea.
Recent advancements in technology and science are reshaping our world in an unprecedented manner. It is true that social networking sites have a profound influence on people in these days. While there are few disadvantages of using social media platforms, I believe that the advantages far outweighs it. My essay will discuss the same.
Although It is often believed by some that public libraries are of no importance in today's world, other people do not agree with this assertion. I, however, think that these libraries are indeed no longer vital.
With technological advancements, the world of shopping is changing at a rapid pace. Several small business owners are the most affected by this recent trend, as they aren’t able to match up with the giant hypermarkets and are forced to close down eventually. This essay will discuss two of the main reasons causing this and propose measures to address the same.
Nowadays, people in many countries live with different health-related issues because they do not have a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, this is due to their lack of exercising and poor dietary habits. This could be curtailed by incorporating exercise into their daily lives and by promoting the cooking of healthy meals in fast food restaurants.
With modernization, people have changed the preferences of living according to their choices. It has been observed that some people spend their life at one place; others enjoy living in different areas to explore new cultures and lifestyles. The essay will firstly elaborate the reasons of living in a particular area followed by metrics of spending life in various places.
Many individuals are of the view, that the foreign tourists should adopt the local cultures and etiquette, while others believe that they should be allowed to practise their own traditions and customs. In my opinion, the tourists should follow the local values and norms because it would add a new experience in their visit and bring them closer to the local population.
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