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Shopping online has become mainstream these days and it mostly replaces physical stores, leading to a heated discussion in society. In this essay, the benefits and downsides of using online shopping will be outlined before reaching a conclusion.
These days, many celebrities are becoming role models for young generations. While this can help them find inspiration and motivation, it can also play a negative role in a loss of individualism.
Advances made in air travel have shrunk the world. With these, today, people from all walks of life can travel abroad; however, the rise of international tourism is greeted with dismay by many. In this essay, I will present the reasons why some local people harbour unwelcoming attitudes towards foreign tourists and put forward some solutions to this issue.
Whether or not the trend of most of the population getting old can be of benefit to society is a debatable matter. While some believe that we can take advantage of the elderly by seeking out their deep knowledge or life experiences, others and I adhere to the belief that the disadvantages of this phenomenon are far more sensitive than its merits.
In modern times, there is a trend for married couples to plan to have a baby after achieving their professional career goals. This trend can have significant implications, both positive and negative, on society and individual families.
In recent years, most countries have been fighting against the housing crisis across the globe. This essay will discuss two main causes of homelessness including lack of economic stability and rise in population. This essay will suggest two solutions to this problem including effective financial management and infrastructure improvement.
Cutting-edge technologies have led to widespread access to information. Many people argue that in the future most resources will be free and they will be able to acquire them without boundaries. I partially agree with this statement, and in this essay, I will explain my reasons in detail.
It is sometimes argued that considering the future is not really important. I completely disagree with this view because emphasising the future rather than the moment enhances motivation and reduces errors.
The vast majority of society claims future planning as a time-wasting activity. Others deny this fact and think that being able to focus on a moment is valued more. There are two diametrically opposed opinions on the matter. I completely agree with the former view thinking that future goals are crucial to have a better lifestyle and make people manage time well.
Despite all the major advancements in modern medicine, there are still uncurable maladies, uncertain diagnoses, and failed procedures, it is an inevitable part of life, yet people who experience it find themselves in a defeated position, seeking alternative solutions, even if they are unproven, the human mind can not comprehend staying helpless. Regardless of the motives behind this trend, I strongly agree with the mentioned statement and I advocate against so-called alternative medicine, as a medical doctor myself, I found time after time that these methods are doing more harm than good. in this essay, I will highlight the reasons why these methods are gaining popularity, and refuting them one by one.
Since the Covid-19 era, many daily activities have changed drastically, and the learning experience is not an exception, as someone who has experienced first-hand all types of classroom environments: the completely offline before Covid, the remote-only during. and the hybrid format afterwards, Although I do not agree that classrooms will be substituted for online platforms, as it absolutely has some drawbacks, I can certainly advocate that hybrid learning will continue to be a game-changer in the education sector as the benefits of merging the two learning experiences outweigh the shortcomings.
The trend of individuals going for pre-made dishes over homemade food has become prevailing in recent years. Even though this trend offers some conveniences, it carries significant drawbacks that should be carefully considered.
It is argued that drawing and painting should be compulsory subjects like math or physics due to their importance in the early development of children. Personally, the writer approves of the significance that art has on offspring’s creativity and expression; however, it should not be learned in force like others because there are differences in the unequal abilities and interests of each individual.
There is an alarming trend emerging among adolescents—the increasing crime rate. This phenomenon, explained by several experts, is a result of insufficient education at school and within the family. Although without in-depth investigation, such a theory can indeed offer useful insights into understanding the situation.
In today's ever-progressing era, it is believed that craft subjects are regarded as pivotal as other major intellectual specialities to the advancement of a child, thereby it must be included in high schools. From the writer’s experience, professional classes should be legally seen as a major subject due to the lucrative impact on boosting creativity and playing an indispensable role in the improvement of the child.
It is believed that art courses in drawing or painting play a crucial role in improving the study of other subjects in higher education, which profession necessity will be needed for high schools. From my perspective, I completely agree with this opinion and will demonstrate it in great detail.
The impact of human activities on nature has led to the extinction of numerous plant and animal species annually. While some argue that it is too late to address this issue, others believe that effective measures can still be implemented to reverse the situation. This essay will discuss both perspectives and present my view in favour of the latter.
The concern about the rising proportion of overweight young kids’ population has never been more imminent in many rich nations. While it is plausible to blame processed foods and their sellers, parents’ negligence should also be reckoned as another major factor in the issue.
There is a current trend of moving from one company to another every 2-3 years in young employees. In my point of view, I believe that this phenomenon was caused by the organisation's payment and promotion policy, which discourages the workers from staying for longer terms. This essay will also mention some pieces of advice on managing this issue.
It is often believed that advertisement is incredibly effective in promoting purchase among consumers while there is some suspicion that it loses its impact due to its prevalence in daily life. I partially agree with the former view because of the growing impact of advanced technology regardless of the fact that many people feel annoyed by its sudden interruption.
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