IELTS Writing Samples Band 8

Money comes with responsibility and it can be in any way such as social responsibility, nation-building or community service. Many people, specifically, think that richness provides this opportunity to help the needy. Have rich people had this opportunity? I think they have for two key reasons proper use of extra money and supporting locals
There are controversial perspectives heating a debate over how to get success, while some claim that the sole method to be a high-achiever is getting access to the institution, the opposite holds a strong view that it depends on other factors. I would contend that while each has its own redeeming features, it is optimal to combine both mentioned statements.
Learning is the most important aspect of human life. It assists to develop individuals. Even though many think that learning is more beneficial for students in the classroom, I would argue that online platforms also played a significant role. This essay will discuss in detail both the statement with my personal experience.
Movies are considered to be one of the most important segments of the entertainment industry. There are people who argue that films are only created to entertain the audience while others argue that these should have educational messages as well. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the arguments and will support my view of including the essence of education in movies with examples.
currently, India is considered to have the second-largest population country all over the world. It is often believed that society has been increasing as the days are passing which leads to various crises. This essay will illustrate the major issues of overpopulation along with their solutions to be followed by the Constitution and by the citizens to overcome these issues.
Certain people are of the opinion that zoo lands are dangerous and all the zoo parks should be closed. Whilst, others are of the view that zoo lands are important to preserve rural creatures. In my opinion, I strongly believe that zoos are advantageous to saving animals.
The loss of certain species of plants and animals by some people is considered the main environmental problem of mankind, while others claim that there are much more serious issues in our life. I cannot disagree that this is a major problem, but in my opinion, more significant problems should be prioritized.
The evolution of technology has changed the lifestyle of people. As a result, the traditional practices and the way of living are disappearing. Even though, all these practices cannot be implemented we can still try to do so. Hence, I disagree with the idea of considering the implementation as pointless.
The development of technology nowadays can contribute to the disappearance of printed newspapers and books for the reason that people are choosing to receive information from online platforms. In my opinion, I completely agree with this view.
In our present world, luxury items reflect one’s status level in a community. Several individuals purchase branded items in clothing, vehicles or others. I strongly believe it’s a negative notion as such influence on people could divert people from education and discourage unwanted spending.
Nowadays, humans are facing matters which are not always easy to solve. In this kind of world, some people believe it is better to get along with our problems and obstacles like an awful job or lack of budget. Oppositely, others claim that everybody must try to improve their lives and pursue their dreams. This essay will examine both groups’ arguments and indicate the writer’s view in the end.
In the contemporary era, the authority has no control over the development of new buildings and houses. A chunk of individuals opines that authorities should limit the choices of individuals regarding the construction of new dwellings and commercial space Whilst others are sceptical about it. I; however, believe that demerits outweigh merits .
Nowadays, personal meetings or family gatherings are deteriorating, due to the invasion of modern technologies like smartphones. I partially agree with this statement, as we are more focused on mobile phones, consequently we forget to share the moment with our families and neighbours. In the below essay, we will provide suitable explanations with relevant examples to support our point of view.
There is an ongoing debate concerning family-run businesses and whether they pose benefits or drawbacks within a family. In this essay, we shall discuss this matter and come up with a conclusion.
These days people from diverse backgrounds and varying ages are keen on spectating athletics during their free time as a relaxation method. Moreover, there are a plethora of options within sports that can be watched in the comfort of one's house. In my opinion, I partially agree with the given statement due to the fact that even though sports is a mode of entertainment if not limited it leads to wastage of extremely precious time.
I the near future, drivers will not be used in all of the cars, buses and trucks. People will only use those transport as a passenger. Although there are lots of disadvantages I think a huge amount of uncertain death and property will be saved.
Education and healthcare are considered to be the basic necessities of any country. Nowadays, these facilities are limited to big cities but not in all parts of any nation. While some people think that recently graduated teachers and doctors should work in the countryside during their initial job life, others feel that it should be left for their choice. In this essay, I will discuss both views and provide required examples to support the former statement.
These days, a number of nations assume that destroying natural habitats can be affected all species of fauna and create an important problem. However, some others believe that the significant concern can be related to the environment like global warming. In my view, an environmental problem like global warming is a major issue that one of the results of it can be damaged wildlife ecosystem.
For many years from now, in some societies parents teach their offspring to make an effort in everything so they can accomplish great things in the future. While this form of education is useful in many cases, there are some other situations in which tutors can create a wrong mindset on children, and, if the message is not well delivered, could create an opposite outcome. In this essay, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages that this tradition has on children.