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Since majority of people spend their considerable amount of their time at a work, job satisfaction has become instrumental in the well-being of an individual. Pride, self-respect and appreciation are some of the reasons for job fulfilment, while getting it in reality is a far away dream for fewer staff, because of the unemployment and the need of money to feed the family.
It is argued by some people that learning in the university should be made free of charge for everybody. I completely agree with this view because it gives poor children a chance at higher education and helps the economy of a country in the long term.
The transportation system is the art of most economic growth of a nation. It is argued that instead of the government spending on a lot of roads, they should focus mainly on the railway means of transportation. However, I strongly agree with this argument because it will ease lots of congestion on the road.
Few individuals are of the opinion that it is essential to participate in team building sports such as football, while others believe that individual sports, like tennis or swimming, is even better. I agree with the former view than the latter.
Since the majority of adults spend a considerable amount of their time at work, job satisfaction has become instrumental in the well-being of an individual. Respect, pride, appreciation are some of the reasons for job fulfilment, while getting it in reality is a far away dream for a few staff, because of unemployment and the need of money to feed the family.
The adoption of digital technology in various aspects of a human life has increased over the past few years. Nowadays, students in schools are encouraged to use electronic devices like laptops and tablets over traditional printed materials. This essay will discuss the ups and downs of this trend.
Nowadays the business of touring and travelling is becoming increasingly popular. An increasing number of people prefer to travel using an aeroplane rather than any other modes of transport. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of commuting through the air.
Nowadays, environmental issues have become a major topic of discussion among people and governments. Many individuals / people argue that environmental protection can be achieved only by the governments or large business conglomerates. I strongly disagree with this opinion as small movements can have a big impact. Also, any individual effort for the protection of the environment will be highly appreciated and supported by the public and will increase the momentum.
It is a controversial issue as to whether people would focus on the design of, construction of the inner structure of the building, or, whether they should concentrate on the exterior beauty. From my perspective, I completely agree that building should be structured, accurate design which would fulfil the purpose of that house instead of emphasizing its outlook.
In the last two decades, the tourism sector has seen sharp progression. Currently, it is considered as one of the biggest industry in the world, but, unluckily, it creates tension instead of coordination among the people from various cultures. I completely disagree with this opinion and believes that it bring harmony, fraternity and love across nations.
Over the past few decades, we have seen a considerable rise in the number of women working in various occupations originally meant for men and vice-a-versa. This trend has led to an ongoing debate on whether the kind of work, men and women perform should depend on their inherited qualities or not. Some believe that God has gifted, both the sexes with skills do specific tasks more efficiently and in lesser time to produce desirable results. I agree with the statement mentioned above, and this essay will discuss my viewpoint in detail with reasons and relevant examples.
It is a controversial issue as to whether new houses should be built based on the design of local areas, or, whether people should give preference of their own choice in constructing their sweet home. From my perspective, people have the freedom to erect shelters with comfort and all amenities that require in human life.
In the modern times, one of the most pressing issues is the increasing number of crimes. It is often seen that the majority of the criminals are school dropouts or have no education, while others say that vocational training and tertiary lesson should be taught them in the jail, in order to cope up with this problem. I totally agree with this statement, but some other measure must be taken to minimize the criminality as well as build a better future for criminals.
The world has remarkably developed economically over recent years. Some people think economic development is the only solution to stop poverty in the world, whereas others believe that the advancement, today, is damaging our planet so stopping it is a necessity. This essay will discuss why economic growth is relatively necessary and why it should not be entirely stopped despite environmental destruction.
Although it is argued that more sports facilities are needed to enhance people’s health, others believe that it depends on other factors. In my opinion, even if sports facilities such as, gyms can be crucial for people to train their bodies, the kind of food that is consumed is more effective.
Visitations to museums are increasingly becoming popular. In recent times, when people visit museums, they charge an access fee. While some people think this has numerous benefits, others are of the opinion that this idea is unwelcome. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and explain why I believe that museum charges are beneficial.
One of the most topical issues in modern society is the increasing number of criminals. That is because it is often said that criminal activity cannot remove from the world. I totally disagree with this view and in this essay, I will provide enough arguments to support my perspective.
Computers are the biggest invention of the humankind.It is a widely held belief that if computers gain consciousness, they can evolve on this planet and can overpower humans. It is irrefutable to say that the computer plays an important role in our lives, but I believe that this is not a trend without drawbacks. In this essay, we will discuss both sides of the coin before any conclusion can be drawn.
With the advancement of technology, risk of serious health problems among young generation is also increasing.Although, medical treatment for every possible disease is possible now, but the main reason is a change in the lifestyle of the people. This trend can be ascribed to a number of reasons and it must be addressed by definite actions which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.
Watching films is a popular pastime among all people. Many people believe that the time spent on this activity is wasteful. However, I completely disagree with this view and think that watching films has positive effects on individuals, as they are the reflection of life and a useful instrument to learn foreign languages.
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