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When you examine the topics “Shifing sand: Behavioural Change” and “Follow My Leader?”, you can see how generational differences and social expectations are evident in our social context.
Global warming has worsened due to the activities of numerous industrial nations, primarily driven by factories and sweatshops. However, this issue could be mitigated by applying a comprehensive approach.
There is a controversy over the matter if criminals ought to serve an everlasting crime sentence or should be sentenced to capital punishment. There are strong arguments on both sides, which we will discuss here.
The problem of overpopulated cities is becoming an increasing issue across the globe. Perhaps the largest contributing factor to this issue is the disparity between economic opportunities and living standards in the metropolis and provincial areas. The solution lies in investing resources into the latter.
A lot of people stick to one kind of job position their entire lives, while others prefer to experience a wide range of occupations. From my perspective, I firmly agree with the former opinion of staying in the same career.
Certain individuals consider that youngsters ought to do additional chores. Other types of people believe they should have leisure time outside of educational centres. Although extra tasks may affect their impending years, I firmly believe entertainment activities make them always cheerful.
The ever-growing demand of meat becoming a staple in many households has led to significant destruction to the environment with beef in particular driving climate change through not only cows’ emission of methane but also the deforestation taking place for grazing fields. In other to tackle this problem, alternative proteins need to be more commonly available while at the same time, laws need to be enacted to protect the land.
Nowadays, many people are familiar with reading on the Internet as an alternative to reading tidings or watching TV shows to update their news and knowledge. From my point of view, I reckon that this is an advantageous development for some reasons mentioned in this essay.
The older era is believed to be more relaxed than the recent era. To begin with, the older era environment is not as stable as it is now. Then, the choice of entertainment in that era is very limited. For those reasons, I strongly disagree with saying the older time is happier than the newer one.
In light of the proliferation of shopping demands, residents in several countries tend to purchase imported fare instead of the local one. This trend is due to the current reputation of foreign fare and can be tackled by governments to improve the quality of national nourishment.
Children are like blank sheets of paper and what they are exposed to every day will gradually affect their habits. There is an argument that the amount of time spent watching TV forces young people's behaviour, meanwhile, I think the content of the program influences their nature. I will shed light on my attitude in the following issue.
Recently we have ever heard that the ice in the Arctic and Antarctica has been melting and sea levels in some countries have been rising because of increasing temperatures caused by air pollution which is a consequence of global warming. In this essay, I will look at some of the causes of this situation. I will then move on to consider what local authorities and relevant parties can do to address this problem effectively.
In recent decades, the field of education has turned into an area of immense pressure. Consequently, many think that non-academic subjects should be eliminated from the school curriculum so that students can be more focused on academics. In my opinion, even though academic training is important, extracurricular activities also play a crucial role in the development of a child and hence should be added to the school syllabus.
The imbalance in daily life has worsened for the majority of the population, while only a few people manage to achieve a balanced life. This issue arises from the increasingly competitive nature of the rapidly developing economy. However, this problem can be addressed through specific remedies.
Increasing the number of transport accidents has led to more casualties annually, which can be driven by reckless drivers, health conditions and distractions. However, this conundrum could be mitigated by applying the following methods.
In contemporary times, there exists a paramount emphasis on choosing jobs for the youth. It has elicited a plethora of controversies on this subject. Several individuals believe that the young generation should be free to decide on their jobs while others claim that young populations should be realistic and think more about their future. In this essay, I shall give major reasons which make me totally agree with the latter opinion.
It is undeniable that folk are quite passionate about experiencing the different nations around the globe. Therefore, previously folks travelled to different countries in order to see different things rather than their own place, but these days everything looks the same in the whole world. This essay will discuss the reasons behind these similarities and from my perspective, this trend possesses some drawbacks which are outweighed by its positive aspects.
The proportion of plants and animals all over the world is dropping significantly. This is a result of climate change and governments should invest more in electronic technologies in order to cope with this issue.
Many individuals hold the view that the most vital role of science is to improve the living standard. This writer utterly concurs with the notion, because of the invention of medications as well as the appearance of renewable power for using electrical facilities.
Holidays, whether long or short, are liked by every person around the globe. Although some people believe that fewer days of vacation is better as it helps to rejuvenate one's mental and physical health, some are of the opinion that long vacations are more advantageous because they provide them with ample family time. In my opinion, short holidays are beneficial because holidays can make individuals lazy as well as feel boredom.
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