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The world can be categorized into two major groups, those who are always enthusiastic to go to new places and try different cuisines, and on the other side, those individuals who do not like to make changes in their routines. I tend to believe that changes are the law of nature to live your life fullest.
Nowadays, a high amount of flora and fauna has a greater risk of extinct. I think increasing global temperature and decreasing animal habitats may be the causes for that. It will be solved by taking interventions to reduce carbon emissions and imposing laws and legislations. This essay will explain the above reasons further.
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A great number of cities all over the world have congestion. There are a number of steps that could be implemented to deal with this issue, both the causes and solutions of gridlocks will be elaborated on in this essay.
In today's rapidly evolving world, online shopping has gained immense popularity, gradually replacing traditional in-store shopping in some countries. I firmly believe that this shift towards online shopping is a positive development. It offers numerous benefits, ranging from convenience and accessibility to a broader selection of products, revolutionizing the way consumers engage in retail transactions.
It is true that more individuals these days are deciding to eat healthy food instead of other kinds and are spending more time doing physical activities, and their choices are no doubt influenced by a variety of factors. In my opinion, there are different ways to convince other people to follow this lifestyle.
In the present age, whether e-learning has become more popular than old-school education has sparked much debate. Some people assert that face-to-face education will be demolished and replaced with other methods. Whereas some others argue that traditional study will remain the same and irreplaceable. Personally, I am in favour of the first view.
Since humans possess curiosity over many subjects, the number of individuals of certain nations who are attracted to searching the past homes or apartments increases day by day. Hence I will examine the possible causes and the ways they can study previous incidents which happened in the history of their houses.
The extinction of some types of animals is about to happen very soon and some other types are following them. Although there are logical causes for this problem, suitable solutions can be explained to tackle the situation.
Some people argue that it is pointless to follow traditions in modern society considering we need to achieve future progress. In my view, I completely disagree with this opinion because traditions play a significant role in our contemporary life and no conflicts can be seen between tradition and innovation.
Homelessness is an ever-increasingly and internationally principal cause in momentous metropolitan areas. The root cause for this is contributed to unemployment and lack of affordable housing, yet it can be addressed by governments operating supportive funding and communities promoting employment opportunities.
Reading a book has been an appealing leisure activity for people throughout time. However, as society tends to be adapting to modernity, literature is enjoyed through the use of e-books. Although using this kind of artefact has many positive effects, I agree with the view that we should not stop buying paper books.
While many individuals choose to live with a roommate, others consider that being partnerless is better for them. This essay will discuss both points of view and the essay agrees that living with a partner is a better choice than being by oneself.
Many hold different views about whether mega sporting events would cost a great deal and bring issues to the host. While I understand there are several disadvantages to this activity, I would argue that the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks, which will be elaborated on in this essay.
Nowadays, society in certain nations is growing interest in exploring the past story of the places they inhabit. Personally, I believe that the inhabitants who are concerned about the comfort of living in their places will be intrigued to learn their living places' history. Moreover, this process can be done by uncovering interesting stories and hidden details of the area.
There is an ongoing debate on whether dangerous sports should be prohibited or not. While it is beneficial to limit access to these activities for citizens, I would contend that they can benefit more from giving people more freedom to decide whether they want to take part in these sports or not.
It is true that there is a huge rise in the number of antisocial personal behaviour, often resulting in committing a crime. There are various reasons why this happens, but the government, community and family can take steps to address this issue.
In the contemporary world, the concept of universal basic income (UBI) has garnered significant attention as a potential solution to the economic challenges faced by citizens, especially in times of unemployment. Proponents argue that governments should provide each citizen with a basic income to ensure their financial well-being, even during periods of joblessness. While there are certainly valid concerns to address, I believe that implementing a UBI system can offer various benefits to society.
Education is the backbone of a nation. If we want to develop a country, it is the number one factor to be considered. Moreover, some people hold the idea that the current system of teaching in the classroom will be modified in the near future for better outcomes. From my point of view, I totally agree with the statement.
In contemporary times, it is a widely held belief that clothes that come from western are more prominent among individuals than traditional ones. This essay will articulate some chiefly driving factors behind this phenomenon as well as agree that the disadvantages eclipse its positive.
There has been an ongoing argument about whether is it fair that famous athletes receive more money than other jobs or that everyone should be paid equally. I'd argue that the salary should be assessed by the free market and values that are created by people. therefore, I profoundly disagree with equalizing professions.
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