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There is a trend these days for some people to eat from hotels whereas many others enjoy their home meals.Although hoteling has some attraction for a huge gathering with prospects for socialization and entertainment, I personally prefer home-made items because of their peculiar taste and hygiene.
Nowadays, the internet is more admired by individuals, whereas newspapers an objects of the previous days. I totally agree with this view because online platform is an easy and convenient way for everyone.
With the advancement in technology, there is a debate about whether public libraries should be maintained or let the computer do their job.I tend to disagree with this statement of technology replacing the literature points as the internet does not give access to all journals free of cost and libraries provide a better environment for research.
Indeed, the personal computer is an epoch-changing innovation, transforming how humans live and work fundamentally. While some believe that machines have become a must-have nowadays, there are certain aspects in which these devices can impede human development, and to fully utilise their potential, one must strike a balance between treating them as a tool and an obsession.
This modern society has experienced a dramatic change over the last few years related to family structure and members’ main duties in their own families. From my perspective, this transformation brings many upsides to all members of families.
Nowadays, it is common for people to study in one country and then work in another. While some suggest that students need to stay in the nation where they received their education, like the majority, I believe everyone should have the liberty of choosing where they want to work and live.
Nowadays, while a large number of museums charge entry fees, others offer free admission. In my view, this is a positive trend that will lead to an increased demand for museums in general and exhibitions in particular. In this essay, we will discuss the pros and cons.
In general, people make decisions based on their varied characteristics and knowledge of the situation. Unlike many who are willing to take the risk, personally speaking, I tend to be more conservative because life and career could be at stake if bad choices are made.
The number of videos featuring violence, crime, and drug use on YouTube is appalling and terrifying, and this essay will discuss the harmful consequences of the increasing visibility of felonies.
With the increasing work-related stress, it is predicted that the individual's level of fitness will decline in the coming days.I fully agree with this statement that the health condition will deteriorate in future owing to a sedentary lifestyle and a busy work routine.
Nowadays, the prioritization of individual necessities over the preservation of a region for vulnerable species is a contentious issue that has sparked debate among environmentalists and policymakers. While, some argue that expanding farmyard, lodging, and production is essential for specimen development and prosperity, others believe that protecting the habitats of exposed creatures should take precedence. In this essay, I will examine both perspectives and argue that safeguarding areas for susceptible beasts is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance.
In recent years, a significant number of universities have been holding online training courses for students. As for the century of technology, I strongly believe that this offer is beneficial for both pupils and the organization. I will explore my reasons and support them with further explanations
In today's digital era, accessing information online has become incredibly convenient. However, I disagree with this statement. In my opinion, libraries still hold considerable importance for several reasons.
Human beings have had to face different types of situations and the way how they have dealt with those events has determined their results. Many people argue that it is necessary to be comfortable with all sceneries, however, I consider that humankind has to leave their comfort zones in order to search for new opportunities. In this essay, I will explain my reasons in detail.
It appears that the world is moving more and more towards capitalism and consumerism, with companies spending loads of money to advertise their products to consumers. While corporations are using both ethical and unethical practices to boost their reach among the public, I agree that people are being highly influenced by these adverts, and steps must be taken to protect the consumers and their interests.
There is a trend these days for organizations to get a detailed account from employees regarding their personal life including marital status and leisure time activities.Some folks think that such information has nothing to do with the job requirements and may be exploited in a negative way while others believe that this is important for better management and also for the provision of a friendly work environment.This essay will discuss both views and give my opinion that it is essential for employers to know the personal details before designating assignments in order to cater for the requirements of the subordinates.
With the urbanization and industrial growth in the twenty-first century, the problem of climate change has become a major challenge.Some folks believe that individual efforts are important to counter the threat of global warming while others argue that the steps taken by the state and business tycoons are the real game changer.This essay will discuss both arguments and give my opinion that it is the shared responsibility of people and the government to combat climate hazards.
The debate over whether governments should prioritize funding for healthcare or infrastructure is ongoing, with valid arguments on both sides. In my view, it is essential to allocate funds equally to both sectors, as they each play a crucial role in a nation's development and well-being. The following discussion outlines the reasons for this balanced approach.
Today, improving cutting-edge technologies criminal actions will be reduced because it helps authorities to find criminal activities more easily. This essay agrees that the technology improvement will decline criminal rates since the dependency on human decisions will be dropped and physical assets will be altered to digital ones.
With rapid urbanization,many animals are on the verge of extinction due to the loss of natural habitat.Some folks argue that only the mammals providing benefits to the human race should be protected.This essay totally disagrees with that statement.I believe that all the endangered species are worth protecting because of their role in natural biodiversity and for the maintenance of the ecosystem.
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