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Since banking and funding are very important for the functioning of the modern world, the way we profit from capital would not work without a banking system. As a result, they allow people to save salary, and pay for things easily and securely. Therefore, every country in the world has its own banks, and they have branches in almost every city, making it convenient for people to use them.
Some say studying history almost means nothing or just a little part applied to real life. However, some still believe that learning this subject could tell us something. Personally, I disagree with regard to unuseful learning with some reasonable aspects outweighing the opposite.
To begin, most countries have longer-life people instead in past decades. Few people believe that the governments are faced with consequences by an older population but others think that elderly communities have benefits for society. There are many advantages of elders as well as a few disadvantages of having elders. I will discuss both views in detail in upcoming paragraphs.
We all face ups and downs in our lives.It is argued by some folks that hardship is a part of life and one should remain content with the circumstances while others believe that we should make an effort to make things better.This essay will discuss both views and give my opinion that it is worthwhile to try to improve the worst situation.
In the contemporary world, as individuals are overly preoccupied with modern issues, the importance of having a close relationship with neighbours deteriorates, eventually leading to conditions where people do not recognize the other occupants around their homes. It is my contention that while the technological incorporation between humans and the dissipation of cultural norms are chief culprits for people to distance themselves from their neighbours, the revival of old neighbourhood spirit can be derived through the establishment of community activities.
It's undeniable that the use of technology has been dominating almost every aspect of our lives. As a result, the use of gadgets has a negative impact on communication and language skills. I wholeheartedly agree that the use of computers and mobile phones for communication has an unfavourable effect on young people’s reading and writing abilities.
In our contemporary society, the phenomenon of having compulsory army service for young men just after they finish school has long been a subject of debate. Some societies have a notion that it can be beneficial to adopt the aforementioned system in all parts of the world for males and females. In the forthcoming paragraphs, this essay will elucidate the reasons why I cannot concur with this tendency wholeheartedly and offer a reasonable conclusion from my standpoint.
To begin, There is no doubt that stress affects every person these days. Few believe that sound sleep is the only way to relax instead others think physical activities are also of great help. In the essay, I will discuss both sides and explain why I support the latter view.
Telecommuting is becoming popular among professionals these days. People believe that travelling is time-consuming and a waste of energy . According to my experience , working from home has more benefits than going to work.
When it comes to communication by phone or email, either of which I choose depends on the situation, relationship, and environment. I will detail the description below.
In the previous decades, the majority of individuals resided in rural areas where they were familiar with all of the residents. These days people live in metropolises where they do not know too many people. Residing in limited areas can have some benefits and drawbacks as well which will be discussed in this essay.
Nowadays, there are so many different ways of posting or presenting news on television and in newspapers. Most journalists use a picture which may show the exact meaning of a topic. Critics say that is a more common and effective way than a page of writing, but others say that pictures are not actually needed on the posts. Personally, I do not agree with this idea, and in this essay, I will support my opinion with examples.
Not very long ago, big malls and shopping centres took over small stores due to less consumer flow. I think this is a positive development because large malls offer different brands in one place which reduces people's time and effort.
Nowadays, some youth lose their interest in teaching, there are root causes behind this phenomenon, and it is treatable in the short term if we consider the possible solutions to encourage this trend. In this essay, I will elaborate on my point of view with relevant examples.
It is often argued that sports do not play a crucial role in children's education as it is believed that academic skills help students earn more and settle down without further complications. Most people agree that offspring must acquire educational skills and they also believe that physical skills are not mandatory. However, I agree with those who believe the opposite is true.
Nowadays, it might be clearly noticed that the number of the elderly is gradually uplifting in most parts of the world. This essay claims that the following trend has more of a beneficial impact on society as it proves that the medical sphere is improving each day and more people get the opportunity to be cured of various diseases. Another point that supports my opinion is that the older generation has far more interesting experiences they might share with the younger ones.
It is thought by some that people who exceed their retirement age (around 60) should be allowed to work while others say it could affect new graduates. In my opinion, I disagree with this idea and the reasons will be outlined in the following paragraphs before a conclusion is reached.
The expenses required for international travel are declining, which has caused the tourism industry to improve, and I believe that this growth can bring some advantageous points.
Whilst a substantial number of individuals assume that a large amount of money has been allocated to repairing and maintaining old constructions, I disagree with destroying the old ones as they are a part of culture and identity in each society.
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