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In some nations, college pupils decide to live with their families by choosing to study in local institutes, while others decide to leave their cities to study in other places. Certainly, living away from parents leads to attending university will provide more advantages instead of drawbacks. This essay will examine the positive benefits that students can obtain.
There is a phenomenon that humans will probably be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence (AI) in working environments. This writing will show that it is the consequence of higher requirements in human life and prove that its replacement is positive for society.
Around the globe, young people are unemployed as well as untrained for anything in life. Additionally, the army is in need of individuals, it is then believed that the youth should have compulsory military service. I firmly do not support this view since the standards of this institution do not always correspond with those of younger generations and the event would probably traumatize them.
In the contemporary world, smartphones and wifi are essential ways in which numerous users can acquire information and interact with peers daily. This tendency leads to many beneficial ways for humans' entertainment and work. Therefore, this leads to more advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. This essay will expound on my views about the statement's pros rather than the cons and conclude the topic.
In this day and age, it is considered by a plethora of individuals that, academic success is dependent upon good teachers. Others believe that the attitude of the student is what determines the success. From my point of view, the presence of the right tutor is significant to show the correct path to a learner.
The vital role of plants and animals on the Earth is undeniable. It has sparked heated controversies that many people claim consequences which humans do are too late to address, whereas others have the opposite point that humans can use greater valid ways to improve these environmental issues. From my perspective, I agree with the latter.
The debate over whether individual study or learning with the assistance of a skilled tutor is more effective has been longstanding. It is my contention that some individuals cannot study alone without external interference due to certain factors, however, people who are skilled and motivated enough to conduct their studies should remain committed to their studies.
Integrating digital technology into every facet of modern life is a testament to human innovation. The omnipresence of computers and state-of-the-art digital tools has made them as familiar as household appliances. It is agreed that these technological advancements carry advantages and issues that merit a nuanced discussion.
Whether people keep pets for personal pleasure and other purposes or it is a selfish decision is a source of controversy.I will shed light on both views and reveal my personal perspective regarding this issue.
In the digital era, one school of thought holds that the prevalent appearance of smartphones and computers is to blame for the lower ability to communicate face-to-face. While I accept that perception is somewhat justified, I believe that there are other important factors that might logically contribute to opposition.
There is no denying that the ongoing development of autonomous machines and AI can eliminate human involvement in the workplace. This phenomenon can be attributed to the positive outcome of these innovations, therefore positively affecting humankind.
In contemporary times, a host of developed nations witness their citizens prefer to live alone or in small families. This essay attempts to shed light on the driving factors behind this tendency before clarifying its heavy demerits on each household and the entire community.
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in working hours to live a good life. While many people argue that long hours make you tired and unable to take part in different activities others believe that making cash can bring internal happiness. Both sides of this topic will be carefully analysed before constructing an inference.
To begin, there is a trend these days to seek advice from non-medical persons to cure the illness rather than following the doctor's prescription. This is not a good development as it can cause more harm than good.
More and more people are giving their personal details to those companies in order to use the services. However, some may opine that this is risky. Others state that this is beneficial for us. I think this is a controversial topic, and I believe that it has more merits than demerits.
It is undeniable that work plays a vital role in human life. This is the reason why many individuals think that a substantial income is much more crucial than the satisfaction of a job. I personally disagree with this viewpoint for many reasons, described in the following paragraphs.
In our contemporary society, the young generation opts to register for work-based training rather than attending top universities. This phenomenon has its own benefits such as learning and exploring the workplace before your professional career starts and drawbacks like losing a world of opportunities in academic life. In the forthcoming paragraphs, this essay will elucidate both aspects of this tendency and provide a reasonable conclusion.
Various controversies have emerged as to whether studying overseas is necessary for college students. Some people claim that it is a waste of money. From my perspective, however, the merits of overseas studies far outweigh its drawbacks.
It is often argued that these days youth's immune system is declining so schools should mandatory subjects like physical education and sport.This essay agrees with this statement as it will make them physically active and allow them to explore new fields.
Some believe it is best to have friends who share the same opinions, while others say it is better to have some who do not believe in the same matters. This essay discusses both sides and explains why I agree with the first group.
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