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All of the legal and acceptable activities ranging from a variety of the fields of life deserve to be worth-trying possessions. Being an expert in sports industry is not an exception. Therefore, from my own perspective, parents should offer a boost of motivation to their children who in pursuit of becoming a professional athlete due to some rationale reasons.
Parents support has long been recognized as a serious problem by most families. Despite knowing about their childrens ability and talent has been causing massive problem of their life. This essay will examine the main causes of parents why they did not support thier kids decison, who wanted to become a professional athlete.
Making a decision about whether to become a professional athlete or not probably challenges many people due to the lack of their parents’ supports. In my own perspective, I think parents should support their children with a career in sports.
In sport industries , there are a lot of potential children or teenagers who grudgingly quit their dream to be a professional due to their parents’prejudice and inconfidence . From my perspective , as parents of one child , they have responsibility to support their child to follow their favourable career .
With the passage of ,time a sea change has been observed in the priorities of the people particularly regarding their interests in sports therefore a group of sportsmen have fear of father and mother and hoodoo. I, thereby, condemn that parents are the first teacher of their adolescents and they must encourage their children to pursue their path for a career based on the interest of the child.
Sports are as important as all other professions. Many individuals desired to be professional athletes but often they dropped this notion as fear of failure and pressure from the family rises. I believe, developing a profession in sports should be considered by their parents as it progresses one to become successful in future and it keeps healthy and fit all of their life.
In the sports industry, many potential individuals, who were prospective to be successful athletes, have given up their dream due to the anxiety of being defeated and their parental pressure. In my opinion, parents should encourage their offsprings to pursue a sports career.
Becoming a professional athlete is a whole life dream of people who love sport. However, fear of failure and especially pressure from parent are the main walls between many people and their dream. I personally think that parent should be the one who support their children to pursue the career in sports as parent play the most important role to the kid’s decision on continuing or quitting their career roadmap.
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