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In the modern world, people can get information freely because of open platforms like the Internet. As a result, people will change their minds to read everything online because of the free pricing. This affects the prin
Today, there are a lot of media to read such as newspapers, magazines, books, and the internet. Pricing is depending on the platform itself. In the modern world, people can get information freely because of open platform
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Some communities claim that printed newspapers or reports will be limited in future and everybody tends to read online. In this essay, I discuss the viewpoint of advocates of online reading. Then I present my point of v
Nowadays we are living in digital world. People will have a trend to read news papers or books online without buying hard copies. I totally agree with this statement and I will explain the evident that support for my po
nowadays, technology takes the lead on every level than in the past, however, the majority of the population doesn't have a journal like before, and it provides people with a huge information in one place. from my perspe
There is a belief that people will leave physical newspapers or books and replace them with their online versions because readers can get them for free in the upcoming years. I oppose this statement and will state my rea
Nowadays, due to the pace of technology, it has been considered that using physical books and newspapers may be replaced by digital versions in the future. In my perspective, the lower price of these versions and their b
There has been a common opinion that people are leaving printed paper and moving to online reading. In the future, more and more individuals will follow the trend because reading online is cheaper and faster.
Physical books and newspapers have been losing their popularity. Although I totally agree that, in the near future, they will not be a demand in our life. However, I disagree that it is because of that everything people
In present era,reading everything on online rather than buying printed newspapers or books.Because nowadays a lot of people prefer to read books on online.It is agreed that in the future nobody will buy printed newspaper
It is true that people will read everything online because the technology is increasing, and it is very easy and cheap to read them online. I believe that the number of people who read books and news online will growth u
It is argued that in the future individuals will read newspapers and books online, while printed medias will not be used anymore. This essay completely agrees with this statement because online sources are easy to use an
In the future, there will be nobody purchasing physical newspapers or books because everything they want to read will be available on the Internet for free. Although I agree that physical books will not be in demand in t
In time to come, not a single individual will purchase hard copy newspapers nor books since everyone will be able to assess all they want through the internet without having to pay any amount. I strongly agree with this
Reading books and newspapers free from online will be a new trend in the future and no one will not spend money on buying the printed reseources. I partially agree to opinion that in the future people will use more free
In the coming decade, it is argued that no one will buy printed books and newspaper because they are available online and free. However, in my point of view, although there are many books that will available online witho
In an age dominated by technological advances, the question of whether printed periodicals and books will become obsolete has prompted heated debate. This essay will examine the hypothesis that, in the future, people wil
It is argued that , in future, there will will be no usage of printed newspaper and books because they will be avilable online without any payment. I believe that even with increasing rate of technology and digitalisatio
Some say that physical newspapers or booksare no longer needed in the future bacause people can read whatever they want online for free. In my opnion, I believe this trend is true and will also benafit people.
Nowadays most people turned down buying newspapers because they have been spread all around the internet. I totally agree with this statement because why buy newspapers when youn can them online for free? In this essay I
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