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Hope you both are doing well. I am grateful that despite of your hectic working hours, you guys spent quality time with me during my vacations in Canada. It was an entertaining and memorable trip with both of you. Also, thanks a lot for sharing the photos over google drive. The picture quality is amazing and natural scenery view is captured amazingly.
Firstly, I would like to express my happiness and gratitude for the days we have spent together. Since our exchange program in China we have been making plans to meet each other but finally it is done.
As I have told you before, since my seven years old my dream was going to England so I would like to thank you for all the companiorship, hospitality you have gave to me in your house and city. When I saw the photos you have sent I could not believe my eyes, because this trip was amazing and it was really important and remarkable for me.
It was so refreshing to see your courier after coming home from a long business trip to Germany. I also thank you and sister for making my stay more comfortable and memorable. Please excuse me for responding lately to your courier.
It's so good to hear from you! How've you been? Thanks for the pictures! I must confess that I thought it would be impossible for you to send them across, due to the recent post restrictions, but you came through. Also, I had a wonderful vacation. I really needed the time off from work and also to reconnect with my friends. You both made it worth it. I'll cherish those memories of our forever.
I am writing to you regarding the upcoming trip to Paris for which you are looking for people to accompany the children. I am the father of Joshua Williams and I would be delighted to join the trip and to help out.
How have you been? I really miss the wonderful time we had together when we were in Dubai three months ago. We had a lot of fun there with you guys. It was fabulous. Anyway, I’ve just received photos that you’ve sent through the Email. Thank you so much both for fantastic holiday in your city and for terrific photos.
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