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For the past few decades, the historians have noticed young generation forgetting their ancestor’s culture and tradition that had been applied for centuries. Some puzzled the reason of this forgotten valuable history. There are a few possible factors for this issue.
The young generation tend to be less aware of their traditions and culture compared to the older generation these days. This essay will discuss the reasons why this change has occurred, including contemporary culture is more attractive and lack of relevant programs from the government. This essay will also explain why this tendency has negative impacts on our society.
It is inevitable that traditional knowledge is vanishing slowly among youngsters in this era compare to last few decades ago. There are several assumptions behind this which are mentioned below.
This problem can be effectively tackled by the joint efforts of both teachers and parents. Firstly, parents encourage children to involve family activities and motivate them to interact with their grantparents, who have great amount of knowledge and wisdom. This converastion would assist them to exchange knowledge between them, which means history and technology meet each other. Therefore, parents required to find a common ground to initiate communication between these two groups. Regarding schools they can also make some efforts. By giving assignments, which require some kind of intercation with old people, stimulate the youngsters to conversate with the elderly. Evntually, teach them what is the significance of grantparents in the present generation.
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