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In recent years, arguments over creating art have mushroomed in many parts of the world. While some people argue that this task is within all people’s capacity, I believe only people possessing inborn talent can make mas
Certain people think that every individual can create art, others, however, believe that making it requires special talents, which not all people can have. I gravitate to those who say that everyone is capable of making
It is irrefutable that art is an integral part of the modern world. It is often argued that whether all people create a work of art or it requires special abilities. I am of the opinion that art needs special talents. T
Nowadays a considerable number of young people are trying to express themselves in an art form. Many people seem to think, that art can only be created when one is born with certain talent. Some on the other hand think t
Practice makes perfect. Despite the emphasis placed on whether art is only for those who are gifted but not for the ordinary people, I believe it depends on the individual's willingness to learn and achieve than the natu
Some people believe that everyone can do crafts. on the other hand, there are some other people who believe that you must have a special ability to create a craft. In my view, every man and woman or every girl and boy ca
It is said that art is something that is inseparable from our lives. While some believe that only talented people can create art, I agree with those who feel that everyone has the ability to do so.
Nowadays, creating an art has become ever increasing trait in different fields. However, while some argue that anybody is able to be creative regardless of their area, I am with those who hold the opinion that art can be
Art is recognised as human being's essential part of life. However, although some people believe that the creation of art can be done well with only people who possess special skills, I firmly believe that everyone can
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