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An illustration under depicts processing for converting to sugar from sugar cane .
The illustration demonstrates how sugar is made from sugar canes.
The diagram depicts the way sugar is produced from sugar cane. It seems that the production of sugar requires a great deal of effort.
An adult sugar cane is ready to harvest in 12 to 18 months. One can harvest in one by one manually using a scythe or, if one has the budget, it would be good to use a vehicle to harvest sugar canes faster. After that, th
The diagram illustrates the process by which sugar is produced from sugar cane. Overall, the procedure consists of seven stages including, harvesting, crushing, purifying, centrifuging, drying and cooling.
The pictures featured above explain the way in which sugar is produced from sugar cane.
The given diagram illustrates how sugar is produced in industry from sugar cane. Overall, this complex process contains 7 different phases, commencing with growing sugar cane, then crushing it and evaporation before cent
Given is a diagram, illustrating the process by which, sugar is generated from cane. It is evident from the information provided that there are three main phases involved.
The presented diagram indicates some data about the process of making sugar. Overall, it can be seen that there are 7 steps from growing sugar cane to the final stage, which is cooling sugar.
The diagram provides an illustration of the manufacturing procedure of the production of sugar with sugar can. Looking from an overall perspective, it can be seen that the production is an involvement of 7 steps, from gr
the diagram outlines the step-by-step process of sugar production from sugar cane. In general, it can be clearely observed that the process consists of seven distinct stages. The process starts with the cultivation stage
The illustration depicts the procedure involved in the production of sugar from the sugar cane. Overall, it consists of 7 stages, which start from growing sugar cane to end with the drying and cooling of manufactured
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