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I am writing this letter to complain about the lost item in the train.My name is Tinku.I am a frequent traveller on your train in the Route C. Unfortunately, I lost my bag in the train.
I am writing this letter concerning a valuable watch I lost on the train. It is an old-style watch and it was a gift from my grandfather. It is made from gold, and it bears my grandfather's initials, J.K, on the back. Plus, the size of the watch is quite distinguishable because it is small.
I am writing to report the loss of my wallet on the Metro. The colour of the wallet is black with red stripes. The brand name is "Guess" and it is embossed on the front. It contained my Emirates ID, driving license, credit and debit cards. There was also AED 203.00 in my wallet.
I am writing to you that recently I lost my Apple iWatch while travelling to Kota on train no - 12345, Shatabdi Express on 20th March 2020. The watch is black in color with a touchscreen and a silicone strap.
Let me shoot a quick introduction of myself. I, Sharmistha Naskar, am residing from Kolkata. I am writing this letter in regards to find the lost item while travelling by train yesterday.
My name is Jeevitha. I was travelling in the Rajastani Express on May 17, 2020. I am writing this letter to seek your help in finding my handbag.
I am writing this letter to inquire about my lost laptop. It is a black of colour HP desktop computer with 15.7 mm screen size. It is in an old black leather bag with green colour horse sticker on the top cover.
My name is Tharaka Dharmasiri who travelled by your evening express train from Colombo to Kandy on September 8th. I am writing this letter because I wish to inform you about an item I lost during my journey.
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