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I live in the center of the small city.I am in order to complain about my new laptop. Firstly it was work excellent. I was working on my assignment with pleasure ,however after a week it was switch off with no reason. Be
I live in a small university town. I am writing in order to complain about a new laptop. Last Monday when I visited your store buy a new laptop for my work at high price, Then I used this laptop all week and writing a lo
I, Kuljeet Kaur, resident of Ambala city, a city which is about two hours away from Chandigarh. I am writing to you to express my complaint regarding the laptop which I purchased from your store last week.
I am a consumer living in Easttown, which is two hours drive away from your store. I am writing this letter concerning the defects that happened on the laptop I bought last week and the requirement for replacement.
I am writing this letter to show my disappointment regarding the faulty laptop which I purchased from your store last week. My name is Nikita, and I live at 73 West Gate ,which is more than 50 kilometers far away from yo
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