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It is well said by the individuals that in order to stay fit one must take proper diet because food which is full of nutrients and vitamins can protect us from various diseases.I believe that steady diet keeps us healthy,but in order to stay fit people m
Many people are of the opinion that they could have a healthy life because of their diet. I partially agree with that point of view, however, in order to have a healthy life there are many ways apart from having balanced meals.
Even though a balanced diet is important in maintaining good health, there are other factors which contribute to a healthy life. People in some cultures do not eat a balanced diet and only have access to limited food sources, whereas still have good healt
A balanced diet, or eating balanced meals, is the key to a healthy life. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
In today's busy world there is a lot of stress and to combat that we need a balanced diet which consists of more proteins, vitamins and minerals. I totally agree with the said statement that a balanced meal is a way to lead a prosperous life. The reason f
A good diet is the key of success that help us to keep and good soul. In every ,masses soul food plays a significant role.For keeping good well-being, food is not only the source others sources must be important.I agree with this statement to some large e
Good health is the significance of individual on how they prepare their food. Balance diet and exact food ay lead to optimum health condition, I can say thay eating in moderation is a practice that may cause a human being healthy.
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