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Although the punishment was created to stop crime, many criminals continue to make new crimes after their first imprisonment. In that essay, I will explain why it is happening and what should be done to solve this proble
The problem of offenders frequently doing crimes after punishment which was always debatable and has now become more controversial. The population is fasicanted by the offenders why they reattempt crimes. The substantial
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The problem of offenders commit crimes frequently is increasing by leaps and bounds . In my, opinion the main reason is that unemployment and corruption in courts. But, there are myriads of reasons stand behind this dile
A lot of criminals who were previously convicted of crimes and served judicial punishment are still involved in criminal activities mainly due to a lack of rehabilitation and influence from other criminals in prison. Thi
Recently a growing number of crimes are seen in the media committed by former prisoners. To protect innocent people from these harmful crimes, there must be actions to stop these criminals and help them not to make anoth
Convicts around the world, face a difficult time adjusting to society after being released from prison.This forces most of them to commit various felonies and subsequently get arrested.Lack of education among the priso
It has been observed , numerous criminals keep committing crime even after severely punishment.I believe exploring the causes this problem can assist in finding a suitable solution to help resolve it.
A significant number of offenders who serviced confinement sentences,leave prison to re-offend mainly due to lack of rehabilitation and influence of other criminals from jail . This issue can be mitigated by regular supe
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