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To commence with, art is an unbound form of unique ideas and creative thinking beyond the imagination of common people. Any kind of restrictions can refrain an artist from delivering an excellent piece of work, resulting in an incomplete form of art or even the output can be a complete disaster. For example, last year in India, a movie was released named ‘Padmavat’, which was from a section of people regarded as a false interpretation of the past. As a result, the parts of the movie were cut and re-shot to satisfy a few, but the movie after release turned into a big flop. Evidently, a confined form of art cannot do justice to an artist’s work in its true sense.
Delivering a message to the society would be a dream for a many individuals but due to the interference of goverment, a group of innovative people find it difficult to establish their personal views.
It is generally accepted that creativity should come along with no restrictions, even by government; therefore, reasonably, the freedom should be given to creative artists. Put differently, artists should have the right to express their own ideas in whatever ways they like.
Nowadays , artists belonging to different fields show their talent by depicting their art work . Restrictions are always recommended on their performance of art . I think , they should be free from any boundries and I will discuss this point of view in detail in the upcoming paragraphs .
It is a controversial topic that gifted artists have to be given the opportunity to exhibit their opinion regardless of what their methods are. I personally believe that there should be a mechanism to control and assess the performance of artists, and this essay will discuss two main reasons why art makers should be under supervision.
I think that a creative artist should be open to show their feelings and whatever he or she wants to express. This because I believe that writers, painters, musicians can create a better job if they have the freedom to say anything. So for this reason I agree with that the State should no putting restriction to artist.
It is an undeniable fact that an individual becomes more innovative when he or she works in a free environment.Some people think that creative artists must have the liberty to share their views in whatever form they want and this privilege should not be controlled by the government in any way.I completely opine that artists should have right to express their feelings as it will enhance their creativity.
The freedom to express their own thoughts is considered as essential for creative artists. This means that their works should not have an intervension by government. I agree with this, for the reason that the most part of the time, the art is against with the state’s ideas, therefore, if the authorities would have restrictions, probably there are not possible to find a good quality of art.
In the past few decades, creative artists were given the freedom to express their artistic ideas without interruption. Some people argue that creativity should also have some limitations and others believe that creativity should not have restrictions. In my view, I partially agree that there should be rules and restrictions to avoid further complications.
In the past, Indian citizens had been fighting against to get the freedom. This will provide them a positive atmosphere where one should choose the path they want. Some people believe that the celebrities are given the surroundings to develop their skills. I strongly support this view. The essay will discuss my stance with arguments in below paragraphs.
Many ideas, which have been creative by artists, must have the freedom for presenting to a community in any way such as words, pictures, music or movie. Moreover, a government should control with an equal standard. In my opinion, I completely agree about this idea however the idea should be illustrated with reality without a fake news.
It is true that the freedom of artists to present their thought is essential for the creative process. But given the influence they may have, I disagree that their works should go public without government restrictions.
Most of the time creative artists should receive more freedom to indicate their thoughts in the procedure they want, like images, discours, etc. Also, governments should not limit or involve in their jobs. In my opinion, there are some benefits and drawbacks to this topic which I want to argue about.
In recent days, the governments have to without any procedure for the creative artists ought to always be done their own ideas to feel free whichever means such as music, film and words and pictures whatever they want. This essay totally disagrees with this statement because there are two primary reasons which are associated not only watchers young people without children but also with many poor contents. In this essay, I intend to discuss both these views.
Innovative artists should always be granted the liberty to spell out their notions (in words, pictures, music or film) in whichever medium they desire. No government restriction should be imposed on them. In my view, I concur with this opinion.
Art is an essential aspect of our contemporary society since it encourages creativity and imagination and can be a source of inspiration. It is a part of culture and it is imbued with its beliefs and ideologies. While I believe that freedom of expression for creative artists is crucial for a multiplicity of reasons, individuals and parents should be responsible for their personal choices.
Without a doubt, artists present their opinion by arts in various ways. A creative art performer should always be given the freedom to introduce their own beliefs in words, pictures, music or films, depending on what they want. There should be no government limitations on what they do. I absolutely agree with this statement. In this essay I will discuss given point of view.
In this contemporary day and ,ages each and everyone should have the right to express anything in any words through any media.In my,opinion I partially agree with the statement and the government should not curtailment what to say.I will expound my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.
Creativity is the mother of innovation. Hence, many creative artists use words, pictures, music or films as a medium to deliver their ideas and experiences to the audience. It is a point of much debate among different communities that the government should censor the material produced by artists. Nevertheless, personally, I believe that there should not be any interference from the government so that the creators produce the best content without worrying about limitations.
There has been controversy about whether the government should prohibit artist express their opinions in words, pictures, music, and films. Mainly, I can not entirely agree with this notion because I believe creativity is the mother of innovation, and the following paragraphs will explain the reasons.
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