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Dear Sir, I am writing to you because we met in the fight that I sit next to you, so you gave to me a business card and also offered me a possible job in your restaurant. I am pretty excited about this opportunity because since I was a child, I have been dreamed to work in a restaurant. I am finishing my degree in gastronomy and I have been searching for an opportunity to work in a restaurant as a chef. I strongly believe that I am a great person for this job because I have been studying and improving my skills to be prepared for this moment. I have studied for three years in Germany learning the best recipes in the world. I won the Master Chef TV program the last year with
This is Noor. We have met on previous Sunday in the flight from Dubai to India (A477) 11 P.M. We sat next to each other and had a worthful talk for the entire three hours of our travel. I hope you remember me. And I would like to remind that you have asked me to contact you regarding the job vacancy in your newly inaugurated Japanese restaurant in India.
I am writing this letter to you to remind our meeting on a flight journey from Canada to Italy on September 18th and I sat next to you. You were coming back to Italy after an inaugural ceremony of your new restaurant at Canada. I was on a call with my friend and you offered me your business card after hearing my discussion with my friend about finding a job in a restaurant.
I am marvis davell. I happen to meet you during New York to Paris flight in Turkish airways on July 23, where you sat beside me and advised me if I would like to work with you in one of your restaurant. Now I am considering your great proposal to get better opportunities.
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