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It has been noticed that many hypermarket centres exchanged small local shops recently because people started shopping from large markets more frequently and this led small markets to be closed. I believe this is a negative development for a few reasons that will be discussed in this essay.
The bar chart showcases how many individuals used quantity of distinct social websites In Canada between 2014 and 2015. The vertical axis represents percentages of users who visited social networks, while horizontal one shows the number of sites. Also, th
Due to globalization, more and more people opt to do their shopping, from shopping malls which results in the closing of many local shops. In my opinion, this is a positive trend as customers’ money and time is saved, however, this is also a negative trend as these small shop owners get bankrupt.
There is no doubt that an increasing number of people tend to do shopping from malls rather than local shops and this has resulted in the closing of many traditional shops. In my opinion, this trend has both positive and negative impacts on people and society. Visiting shopping malls tend to save time and money while being not able to support family is its negative impact.
The field of commerce plays crucial role in people's daily life. While the number of trade centers and outlets experience a sustainable growth, other small trade points have been closing. I believe that this trend has more benefits than demerits and in this essay I will provide reasons to support my viewpoint.
Shopping is a popular activity nowadays , thus some people prefer to visit malls and big shopping centres , but sadly for the local shops they have to close as the interest for such places is considerably decreasing . I believe that this is a negative development and I will present reasons to support my opinion in this essay .
In this modern era, where everyone likes to explore something fresh, people usually for recreation purposes tend to go to shopping malls where they can do a bunch of stuff, like window shopping, watching a movie, and playing games. Because of this, many i
Unquestionably, every coin has two sides, and so it is humans too. People are divided over the topic of huge shopping centres and the effect it has on local vendors. Many small shops have closed their operations because folks prefer to purchase from mal
It is believed that people have increased their reliance on shopping complexes and malls, which has resulted in the closure of the street shops. I contend that it could have both negative and positive effects as people would get better goods and services in big shopping centres while the over-dependence on these places have made people forget about their culture.
From decades with the high dependence of big departmental stores and malls by the customer's results in shut down of many small markets. I think this approach has both pros and cons which I inclined to articulate in the next paragraphs.
The customer is a king. The recent transition of small outlets from the streets to a store in a mall has impacted the lives of the smaller vendors. They belong to an unorganised sector of the economy and constitute a major part.
There is a saying in business that states “Change is the only constant”. We are seeing this especially in our local mom and pop stores. A lot of these neighbourhood stores are closing as major portion of their clientelle has shifted to the malls. At the surface, this phenomenon seems to be a distressing affair but one needs to look deeper to see the real impact of this shift.
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