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Maintaining livelihood in abroad we have ti speak foreign language which creates social and practical problems.I completely agree with this notion and in this eassy I will discuss various problems regarding these two aspects.
As we all know, living in a foreign country and dealing with new people is not plain sailing. Surviving in a place where a different language is spoken will not be easy even if you are fluent in that language. So, I agree that one has to face so many social problems as well as practical problems. In this essay, I will dig into some of the issues why it is not that simple to live in a foreign country.
Languages are the best means of communication throughout the globe. Numerous languages are spoken by the inhabitants with respect to their land. immigrants have to face multiple issues in a outland related to their social as well as practical communicatio
Foreigners, who struggle with learning the unfamiliar language spoken by locals, are considered by many people to be faced with social and practical issues. In my opinion, I agree with this view as such individuals struggle with isolation and other detrimental problems.
Modern world today,it is common to see that people travel another country and stay there for a long period of time.Some consider this can be challenge; however ,I completely disagree with the viewpoint as
Speaking non-native language in residing nation is acceptable now a days. Today, the entire world accepts the universal language as english and it has become the basic criteria to communicate. This passage portrats the views about the acceptance of foreign languages and denial of as well.
Serious social and practical issues can result due to staying in a foreign language speaking nation. I completely agree with this statement because of diverse culture and language difference.
There is no shadow of doubt that, living in a nation that have a different language has aroused a lot of debates and discussions around it. People have actually differed about it. Some claim that, it is a horrible idea and cause a lot of issues, whilst others hold a totally diverse concept which is there are more benefits of such situation.
Living in a country where people have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social and practical problems, where the individuals have to fight against the system if they want to survive in that environment which might offer them some opportunitie
Social and practical problems can arise when an individual resides abroad where a different language is being used to communicate. I strongly agree with this statement because one tends to be isolated and may experience obstacles in communicating.
Being a resident in a nation where it is paramount to speak a foreign dialect can lead to grave social problems, including realistic issues. I totally agree with this view because not only will it mount pressure on the individual to learn the language fast, it will also cause misunderstanding in understanding the people's culture and belief.
Being a resident in a nation where it is paramount to speak a foreign dialect can lead to grave social problems, including realistic issues. I totally agree with this view because not only will it mount pressure on the individual to learn the language fast, it will also cause misunderstanding in grasping the people's culture and belief.
It is often perceived that residing in a nation where the mode of communication is an unfamiliar language can pose myriad challenges- both related to social and practical aspects of life. I completely agree with the given statement as inability to communication in local language can not only deter people from socializing but also restrict their day-to-day activities.
It is often argued that several social issues is caused by spending life in the other country and speaking another language. I strongly agree with this point of view, as I believe that speaking a foreign dialect makes people hard to communicate with national residents, while some people think this is not a problem, just using time to adjust themselves.
In modern life, a great number of people are constantly seeking jobs and studying opportunities or to experience a totally different life outside the border of their homeland. Some assert that this phenomenon could bring about several social and real-life issues to the foreign inhabitants due to the fact that they are required to speak a second language according to the host country. Personally, I agree with the statement, however, I would like to suggest that people should see these hindrances as opportunities to improve themselves.
Effective communication is said to be complete when all parties have a clear understanding of what is being said. Residing in a nation where the lingual franca differs from one's native language can lead to various issues. I agree with this assertion because this could lead to misunderstandings between people and there would be bias in offering jobs to such individuals.
Staying abroad and speaking the local language can be challenging, socially as well as practically. In my opinion, I disagree with the fact that social and practical implications could be serious while living in abroad. However, speaking a foreign language in another country while living there might be challenging, but it won't be a serious issue that will create social and practical hurdles. It has always been observed that anywhere in the foreign province, one has to face challenges during the initial phase of the stay, maybe during the first few months, but it should always be kept in mind that one should be ready to learn the local wording if the plans are to reside in the foreign country for a longer period. If the stay is for a shorter duration stay communications and other tasks related to daily living can be managed while interacting with the people locally or during other day-to-day work. Having knowledge about the second official wording, such as English wording, which is mostly spoken globally at local as well as offices in most of the countries. In the meantime, once should learn about the local wording as soon as possible, which will ease the living in that particular area.
People always find the idea of living in overseas much more appealing rather than their own countries, meanwhile the importance of knowing local language ignored which provokes social and practical problems. In this very important respect I am highly concerned about social problems, which always surpasses the extent of practical problems due to lack of foreign language.
In these days, many people are able to dwell in different countries, regardless of their nationalities or speaking capabilities by development of technology. In line with this trend, many people wish to live in overseas countries and several people are currently living. Nevertheless, some people believe that there exist severe social troubles and practical problems if we reside foreign land. From my point of view, the people who must speak in another country’s language definitely will experience a lot of problems. In this essay, the reason will be discussed why I totally agree with this idea.
Living can be strenuous in some countries where you are required to converse in foreign language which can aslo cause serious social and practical problems. Mastering a new language requires a lot of effort and since everyone has distinct learning ablity making it difficult for some to learn a new language.
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