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Nowadays, public libraries are loosing the popularity it had years ago due to the wide spread technology advancements. Easily available e-books and online reading material has completely minimized the need of having a public library. This essay will argue why spending time in the improvement of public library is a complete waste, with the booming internet technologies.
Nowadays, the sophisticated devices have developed at an unprecedented pace in our society that influence the existing public libraries. Some people point out that government will no longer need to provide the traditional libraries. From my point of view, libraries should still have to maintain for public in spite of the fact that technology have replaced in this modern world.
It is undeniable that the use of technology is constantly increasing in all spheres of lives. Therefore, some people believe that the public libraries has been substituted by the computers in this techno-savvy era. This essay will argue why the maintenance of public libraries is entirely necessary despite some potential benefits of the technology in terms of
It is undeniable that technological inventions has been facilitating people's lives in all spheres of life and the area of education or getting knowledge is one of them. Therefore, some people insist that this techno-savvy era the maintenance of public libraries is just a wastage of an enormous amount of time as the use of computer could substitute the libraries. This essay will argue why the idea of keeping libraries is slightly preposterous despite some few benefits.
The use of technology is increasing rapidly in the modern world. Great technological influence can be seen in the methodology used for reading books, thus maintaining public libraries is time wastage. However, I believe that libraries still play a significant role in people's lives.
Thanks to the advanced development in technology, people nowadays can get access to a wide source of information just by a few clicks of the mouse instead of wandering all day at public libraries. Personally, I am in favour of the idea saying that e-libraries should be more prevalent for some reasons below.
We live in a modern technology where technological advancements are causing things to change rapidly. One among them is the replacement of public libraries with computers. Many folks think that it is better to use computer technology in place of public libraries as they are a waste of time. I radically believe the statement is true.
Technology is growing at an exponential pace and many old methods are now being taken over by computers. There are various heated debates happening over the topic, “which institutions should be replaced with innovations”, and one of them is whether maintaining public libraries nowadays is a waste of time. I think that libraries still has a role in society, and they should not be shut down any time soon.
Some people argue that maintaining public libraries is pointless since they can be superseded by computer technology. While modern ways of obtaining knowledge do have some advantages, I believe that libraries still play a significant role in people's lives.
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