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These days, it is a hot potato that parents are getting more complain about their kids from schools, neighbourhood and relative that they are not acting well with others. A group of people thinking that guardians are the one who are mainly responsible for this cause because they are allocating more time to their work instead of looking after their children in the early age. I totally agree with this group of people and their suggestion.
Nowadays, the youth's participation on community issue has enhanced day by day, some people's believe that massive changes in living standard is one of the main reason for the involvement of juveniles on social issues like alcoholism, enhancing criminal activities, lack of qualified workforce and etc . However, I strongly agree that if parents have less attention and less care towards their children, it will be increasing the chances of teen's involvement on such social issues.
In the age of globalization and modernization, couples, in most parts of the world, opt for jobs to meet their financial needs. Although it brings handsome income for the family, critics believe that spending more time at work place in comparison to their children is resulting in an increase in social problems in youngsters. This statement is agreed and it will be shown through examples that children raised in nuclear families are more empathetic and perform well academically.
The modern world is seeing a rise in the number of social problems involving teenagers. A lot of people attribute this problem to the fact that parents work for long hours and consequently spend less time with their children. This is certainly a factor causing the social issues, but there are more causes of such problems.
Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from their choice of clothes. Do you agree or disagree?
In recent years, youngsters are being a part in most of the crimes in society and some people argue that parents are giving importance to work rather than taking care of their children for these problems.I would argue that,while parent's are responsible at some point, there are other factors should be considered.
Juvenile criminality has risen in the past decades, some people argue that it is mostly due to parents not looking after their children as much as they should because they are too busy with their work. In my opinion, this point of view is too simplistic and tend to forget other important social parameters causing young people to adopt offending behaviours.
Today,the new generation is having more social problems than ever, while some claim that parents should be blamed for this, others believe otherwise. From my perspective, I agree with the given statement. The following article will elucidate my stance.
It is believed that these days many parents spent more time at work than their children, and the result is social problems among youth increase. I disagree with this statement, analyzing the bad influences of the environment and the negative impacts of t
In recent years, people have witnessed a staggering increment in the number of social unrest relating teenagers. A large number of people have linked this trend to overworking parents' overlooking of their own children. However, in my point of view, the reasons behind juvenile delinquency involve not only parental care but also the surrounding environment. This essay will elaborate on these aspects as follows.
Delinquencies among juveniles are increasing day by day. As both parents are working nowadays, they do not get enough time to look after their children and it is commonly believed as a main reason behind increasing social issues. I firmly agree wit this reason and my inclination are explained in trailed paragraphs.
In recent years, social issues are increasing. Many of these problems are associated with teenagers. However, many people think that parents are busy with their works and give only little time to their kids. I completely agree with this statement and I will support my views with examples.
Recently there are proliferating of social issues which involve juveniles. The majority considers that since parents busy with their jobs and spend lesser time with their child result in such problems. I completely agree with since a child’s mind is like a blackboard and it is important, one should monitor their conduct from the beginning.
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