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School is a place where children can develop their mental and physical abilities, which can help them to become a perfect civil person. By including physical workout in a school schedule management will step towards a healthier society. I an agree and elucidate with this opinion in following passage.
Physical exercise is an intergral part of a man's day.They provide the person ith energy and enthusisam to complete the work of the day.So, I believe physical exercise should be a required part of the day.
Nowadays, students tend to have exercise classes in their school.However, some persons think this is a disadvantage way to improve children's skills,moreover, they believe that students have to study only academic subjects for a whole day.In my point of view, children need to spend their time not only on the educational subject but on physical exercise too.this further essay will discuss the drawback and the benefit of having exercise classes.
Despite the advantages of physical activities, a large number of people argue that academic studies should be lasted, for the whole school day due to the desire of receiving high grades. From my perspective, all schools should consider physical education as a compulsory subject.
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