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The issue ‘with the development of the technology traditional skills and the conventional lifestyle die’ is a controversial one and needs deeper argument before supporting or opposing the issue. Overall, I disagree with the opinion expressed; I would like to begin by pointing out that ‘traditional skills and ways of life’ are not totally vanished from one country, culture or community because of the introduction of technology.
Whether the technology and its influences kill the traditional way of life and whether should we try to preserve the tradition is a controversial issue and required an in-depth argument before deciding. In my opinion, the technology definitely traditional skills, expertise and way of life change and the change might be slow for many societies but it is a sure thing. About the later part of the argument: ‘whether it is pointless to try to preserve those’ is something I opine that that should not be imposed on people. Who want to maintain the traditional way of living rather than embracing the technology should be given the option.
Every nation around the lobe is keen on developing it’s technology as it is meant to ease the work done by people. It is believed that skills and lifestyle followed by many generations are fading out and there is no use in trying to preserve them.
Entertaining international events became a popular trend since the last century. I believe that these events are crucial, and might ease tensions between two countries that do not have normal diplomatic relations. They are also beneficial in terms of relieving patriotic affection in an innocuous way. In this essay, I will explore the rationale for my own viewpoint on the matter.
In recent years, everything became fast-paced to be competitive with the future. It is obvious that when a nation flourishes its technology, then all its old ways of living are wiped off and converted to high-speed and unstoppable life. I do believe that
It is true that development has increased in different zones compared to the last 10 decades. However, when a country develops their technological and traditional skills, the way of life improves as well as natives of that country easily understand the va
Technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds and undoubtedly this development replacing the traditional values. I firmly agree with it that in this technological world traditional values are bound to disappear.
Technology advancement is happening all over the world. Moreover, modernization is becoming a status symbol to many people. Nowadays, most people are living for society, not for themselves. So they purposefully forget most of the traditional cultures. This essay examines the need of following traditional skills for better living.
Contemporarily, a significant number of people argue that the rapid progression of technology is a threat to traditional ways of life. Some are of the opinion that conservational skills will be lost in a few years to come. In my point of view, I firmly di
Contemporarily, a significant number of people argue that the rapid progression of technology is a threat to the traditional ways of life. Some are of the opinion that conservational skills will be lost in a few years to come. In my point of view, I firml
In this contemporary era, it is believed that technological advancement is the reason why some traditional skills and ways of life die out. Some people question that it is pointless to try and keep them alive. Today I will discuss how technology contribut
In today's fast-paced life, technologies have been developed rapidly by various nations. A section of society believes that this trend is the reason for the disappearance of a way of life as well as traditional skills. I partially agree with the given sta
Today, technology is getting more sophisticated and it becomes part of human civilization. Regarding that matter, many countries have developed their own technology to accommodate citizens' life. That might be the reasons why some people think that trying and keeping traditional skill is useless. Furthermore, they also think that those skills and traditions might extinct in the future. However, I do not agree with that statement. Therefore, in this essay, I will explain why I do not support that idea.
It is argued that the cultural values and the quality of living fades away with advancements in technology of a country, and it is baseless to take steps to revive them. I completely disagree with this statement because every country's individuality relies on traditional values, and even though people tend to modernize they stick on with certain customs in their life.
Technology is flourishing at a rapid pace and it is providing the advancement in the human’s life. There is no doubt that modern advancement is taking over all the traditional practice in almost every industrial sector. I do believe that we should be moving with new methods to achieve time saving and better results.
Developing technologies in the country can lead to the extinction of its traditional skills and ways of life. So trying to keep them alive is useless. I fully disagree with this statement. It can be proved by a great number of traditions that survived even in highly-developed lands.
Technology has come a long way. So many human's jobs are now replaced by machines. It has been claimed by some that conventional methods of living and talents have been impacted negatively by technology to the point of being at risk of extinction.Also, according to them, it is not worth to keep them alive. I totally agree with the first statement, however, I still believe so many things can be done to prevent this trend and keep traditions and talents around the world alive. This essay will explore what can be done to prevent this trend.
Cultural skillset is a key set of value to any country even though it has the developed it's modern technology,these must be constant in their living.In my ,opinion I completely disagree with the way they are looking up the traditional skills.I will support the points in the following paragraphs.
In this contemporary epoch, modern technologies have created noticeable impact on traditional skills and ways of living life and it also affected people`s mindset of living. This disquisition will discuss, whether it is pointless to keep alive the ways of
Nowadays, when expanding the new technology of a nation, an old technique and habits of life destroyed and it is not important to keep them lives in our life. I acknowledge that traditional talent and style of lives changed by technology. I do not believe that it is not important to preserve them.
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