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I'd like to make a booking for two rooms in your hotel this weekend. The first room could be a couple room because it's for my mom and dad, and the second could be a single room for myself. I
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I'd like to do a booking for two rooms in your hotel in this weekend. The first room could be a couple room because it's for my mom and dad, the second could be a single room for myself. I
I am writing to book two en-suite rooms from your hotel. I am planning to stay there between the 12th and 14th of September just for weekend. I will arrive there on Friday at 02:00pm and leave on Sunday at 12:30pm. My si
I am writing regarding my plan to spend the weekend at your seaside hotel. We will be arriving early morning on Friday, 15th of September and we will be leaving by the afternoon on Sunday, 17th of September.
I am writing this letter with regard to my family's plan of having a weekend getaway at the Ocean View Resort. We would like to visit your hotel this Canada Day weekend as it is the most feasible time for my wife and two
I am writing to let you know of our plans to stay your hotel from February 26, 2022. I, along with six of my family members, would like you to kindly make some arrangements for our visit and would like to book three room
LA is one of the most famous cities in the world.Due to this my family want to spend some great time.My father's friend,whose name is Michael,highly recommended your hotel.Of course we want to book a room,even maybe two,
I am writing this to inform you about my decision to spend the coming weekend in your California Beach Hotel along with my family, comprising of 4 people. Furthermore, we will check in on Friday evening by 7pm and will
I am writing this letter to inform you about my stay in your seaside hotel along with my friends and family members. We will be arriving on 15th January early morning around 4:00 AM and leaving on 17th January at 9:00 PM
Request / Business with my family, wife and my to sons. - arrive next friday evening, 30, and leave on saturday before 11 am. - need two bedroom apartment, one bedroom for my wife and I, and one for my children. wh
I am William. This upcoming, weekend I have planned to spend my time with my family. For that reason, I would like to inquire about some important aspects of my stay at your hotel. Actually, your hotel is the one that p
I am writing to arrange a stay at your hotel for me and my family. We are planning on arriving on Friday the 3rd of June and would be leaving by Monday morning. Since we are a rather large group we would be needing four
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