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My name is Tajinder Singh. I recently moved due to my new job posting in this area and became a premium member of your gym after reading good reviews about your gym.
I am writing because a few members’ inconsiderate behaviours in the gym. It is also a concern for cleanliness and I think people should be notified.
I recently moved to this beautiful city and started looking for a place to exercise. Then, I heard so many good reviews about your gym and I decided to be a member of your club. Moreover, a month ago, I enrolled myself i
My name is Shikha. I am IT project manager and recently moved to Acme heights society. Also, I have taken annual membership of the gym in this society because I am very health conscious.
I am Sarah Hubert, an accountant by profession. I have recently moved into this vicinity and joined your gym. So far, I have liked much everything about your gym; including enough spaces between the machines, friendly en
I am Benet, residing at Park 1 avenue, moved from central gym to your gymnasium on last Friday. I am working as a software engineer at alphas limited company, located at south railway station road. It is to inform you t
My name is Joe Carry, I recently joined your gym "the royal fitness". I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with the behavior of the gym mates.
I am a member at Gold gym, Ottawa branch since 15 days after I shifted to the apartment next to this premises. I am recruited in a nearby high school as a sports teacher. I was a regular client in your Azex branch before
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