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How are you doing? Do you know I just moved to a new house last week? That explains the reason why you haven't heard from me in a while.
I have to move to the village because it was really noisy there and I could not tolerate it over there and that city was also too pollution for all of these reasons lead to I will leave there and I had very problems that I can not explain those, I was in a hurry that I was not remember that I notify to you, you know that how much I like you also you was the best neighbour, I have ever seen.
I hope this letter finds you well. I want to share a piece of big news with you that I shifted to a new house which is located near your home.
Hello! Hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirit in Sydney, Australia. I am highly delighted to tell you about my new dwelling in 66 streets, Calgary, Alberta as I shifted from my old apartment last week in 29.05.2020.
How are you? It’s been a long time to hear from you. I hope everything is fine at your place. I just wanted to let you that I have shifted to Brunsbury, which is 10 miles away from your house.
I’ve recently shifted my house and moved into a new one. It is near my office so my travelling time has drastically decreased. Downtown is also just a few streets from my house now.
How are you? Hope you are doing well. I writing this letter to let you know that we have moved to our new bigger apartment. We just could not go on in two-bedroom apartment now, that the children are growing up and they need more place.
I hope you are doing well these days.I had interesting and enthusiastic moments Thus I want to narrate my last moving adventure. As far as you know I had a dream to buy a house upstate instead of living in an apartment in a crowded city.
passed a long time since we met. Hence, I am writing this letter to share about the happiest movement of my life. It feels like flying on the top of the sky. Recently I was promoted a finance manager in the company where I work. Therefore, it helps me to move into a new house.
Hope your life is going smoothly as it was before. I wrote this letter just to inform you that I moved to a new city because I am facing many issues with my neighbours . and there is no backyard in the house so I decided to shift to some other place where the society and locality should be pretty good enough for me.
I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m writing to let you know that I and my family have moved to a new house. The previous one was too small for us now that we have another child.
I’m writing to let you know that at last we have moved to a bigger house. We just could’t go to on living in the two-bedroom bungalow now that the twins are growing up and the new baby has arrived. So we started looking- and one thing led to another and f
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