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A heated debate is whether the intended use or the exterior characteristic is highly-valued when constructing a building. In my opinion, I partly agree with the greater appreciation of function and come to the idea that people should take equal consideration in both factors which contribute to an appealing and convenient structure.
It is irrefutable that high schools lay a sturdy foundation in a child's life. Therefore, choosing a right high school programme can aid this process. Many are of the opinion that an unpaid community service is a must in the tenth grade curriculum. I personally agree with this opinion and this essay will discuss the reasons and relevant examples to support my viewpoint.
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Nowadays, people have different perceptions about enjoying life. While some people are of the opinion that, the money they earn should be spent to live life to the fullest, others argue that they should accumulate their funds for a better tomorrow. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain my support for the latter view.
Since globalization and industrialization, the environment has experienced an upsurge in pollution, which is constantly causing climatic change. In lieu of this, there is an ongoing debate as to how this problem can be addressed. Some believe that developed nations should shoulder more responsibility than emerging countries, while others opined that the duty should be equally handled. This essay will discuss both arguments and give my personal thoughts.
Nowadays, the people love to share their moments via their own blogs, that habit will allow them to become more social. However, the social networking sites are very similar to a small version of the societies, and what you did on these website pages may affect you in your real life.
Global warming is a global concern and requires utmost attention from all the nations worldwide. The primary reasons are deforested lands and rise in pollution levels. Therefore, measures are needed by both, government and individuals, to combat this exigency situation.
In the previous ages, women did not have as many opportunities as in contemporary due to the deficiency in people’s consciousness. In my perspective, this alteration has resolved more issues than it has caused, which influences positively on our modern century.
Recent studies show that the number of old aged people compared to youth, have been increasing across many nations. Many are of the opinion that it is beneficial to the society while others think that a surge in the proportion of old age people is a setback for the growth of the society. This essay will discuss both pros and cons of having a larger amount of elders in society.
Many people consider that the purpose of tertiary education is to equip the students with necessary information and skills to pursue a professional career, while others are of the view that universities should only impart knowledge to the students, without taking into consideration, their future endeavours. In my opinion, these higher educational institutes represent the final tiers of a proper educational program and hence, should cater for both the professional education, as well as, the knowledge as a whole, because all forms of education eventually help individuals in their future careers.
In recent times, global warming has stood out as one of the problems facing mankind. This essay will examine some effects of this menace and also look at ways in which this issue can be curtailed.
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Electronic transactions are gradually replacing the traditional banking system and bank currency is being supplanted by credit and debit cards. The transformation is taking place slowly but steadily and widespread. The paradigm shift has both the negative and positive consequences which will be discussed in this essay.
More and more people are spending their holidays at tourist hot spots. Though it is a good choice to strengthen family bonds, it is a reason to raise serious issues at the destinations. This essay will firstly discuss the issues that evolve due to people visiting such places, and later provide viable solutions to curb the problems.
Globalization is rapidly taking over our world as the internet evolves. The similarity among nation is even becoming increasingly accentuated since people are able to purchase the same goods from any part of the globe. This essay is going to support that it is a negative development by analysing the harmful impact globalization has on the different cultures across the world as well as on our environment.
The balance between work and other aspects of lives is something that many people recently desire to gain. Moreover, there are issues that tend to stop individuals from actualizing it and the essay below will elaborate on that, as it also highlights on the possible solutions to them.
Many ancient buildings are guarded by the authority because they have historical significance in a nation. It is however thought by some that old structures ought to be demolished and replaced by modern ones because individuals need houses and work stations. This essay will give information about the importance of maintaining ancient structures and also give reasons why the past ought not to hinder advancement.
Many people consider that sports persons and musicians have an inborn capability to excel in their fields, while others believe that it has nothing to do with the talent and anyone can learn it. In my opinion, though one can learn to play music or sports from the experts, he or she must have some innate qualities to become a great sports person or a musician.
Money is very pertinent to livelihood and there is a recent argument as to whether employee's remuneration be commensurate to the amount of input delivered into the system. In my opinion, I totally agree with this notion because money is crucial to the survival of the workers and their persistent input is pivotal to the success of the company.
Unemployment has become a threatening concern in many countries. It is often argued that youngsters should be provided job opportunities on the basis of primary schooling while others believe that secondary education should be required. This essay will describe my disagreement on offering work with lower qualification followed by relevant examples.
There is a common phenomenon today that is using the latest technological products become a fashion, thus more and more consumers prefer to buy the latest smartphones, computers and other devices. In my opinion, this behaviour could bring both positive and negative developments to the society.
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Being a resident in a nation where it is paramount to speak a foreign dialect can lead to grave social problems, including realistic issues. I totally agree with this view because not only will it mount pressure on the individual to learn the language fast, it will also cause misunderstanding in grasping the people's culture and belief.
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