IELTS Writing Samples Band 9

Each year, more and more people from all over the world leave their native countries and migrate to another one. Some choose to immigrate to better their lives while others are forced to escape the turmoil at home. This activity results in positive consequences in the former case and unfortunately lead to negative in the later as outlined in this essay.
In some curriculums, it is quite common to have different classrooms for the class toppers from other students for advanced studies. Although some sceptics argue that schools ought to teach the pupil considering their grades, this essay argues that the drawbacks overweigh the benefits.
It is believed by some individuals that, we should focus on discovering options to live with global climate change rather than trying to prevent it. In my opinion, if we do not stop the weather changes now, the outcome will be perilous in coming days. This is why, I disagree to the aforementioned statement.
Wearing uniform in the work place has been popularised since the post modern era; however, there remains some disagreement as many consider this a negative development since it invade people's privacy. I, personally, consider that uniform brings unity between staff.
The excessive population in the world creates lots of issues rather than other problems such as pollution, energy shortage, et Cetra. I, holistically, agree with this viewpoint, because people need their necessaries, and it is impossible to fulfil the necessities of overpopulation.
Wealthy countries always provide financial support to undeveloped countries, which is insufficient to alleviate penury. So, well of nations should focus on issuing additional help to the needy countries along with the monetary assistance. In my opinion, I agree to the aforementioned fact that, adequate services should be introduced for educating and training the people of these poverty-stricken nations.
There is no doubt that these days tour guider is an available choice for travelling and it is wide spreading with a group. The question is, is transported with a group of people, including a tourist guider the best way? In this essay, I am going to discuss my opinion and draw my own conclusion.
Preceptors believe on student's studying in abroad where they will get more opportunities than studying in local areas. From my perspective, although there are lots of disadvantages in participating in international student exchange programs, the benefits are more significant.
Nowadays, many individuals resort to the practice of dumping more wastes than ever before. This essay will discuss the reasons behind this trend, and the negative consequences it can lead to.
It is true that there are more and more different subjects which are being taught in all schools, including the primary ones. With the growing importance of new technologies, its proponents insist that the history and geography should be replaced by the science and technology. In my opinion, both sides of the education are equally important and cannot replace each other.
It is a common argument among people that getting a placement soon after completing the studies and being in the same field give us comfort and happier life. However, in my view, changing a job and coming out of the comfort zone, gives confidence and better financial stability of an individual than continuing in a same area. Below essay contains two points to support my statement.
It is true that children are either being punished or rewarded to correct their behaviour. These two methods present polar extremes of an action aimed at influencing children. In my opinion, while there are pros and cons for two of them, a good mixture of them could prove to be the best strategy to attain good results.
It is true that the governments around the world spend some resources on the objects of art, such as the theatres and conservatories. Many people consider it as a waste of money, arguing that the authorities should allocate those resources to the public sector. In my opinion, this argument is completely wrong and the arts should be financed even more than now.
It is true that enrolling in the universities is a very difficult task nowadays for all the applicants regardless their financial statuses. Therefore, the costs for studies are very high, there is always an opportunity to find some financing. In my opinion the merit is valued more than the money for the admissions committees of the universities when making their decision about a candidate.
It is true that the number of the languages around the world is diminishing every year. Although, the growing popularity of English and the ease of life associated with it, makes the people think that the extinction of some smaller languages is not something to worry about, I strongly disagree with this point of view. In my opinion, the humanity faces two main negative aspects of this development, such as the cultural and the practical ones.
It is true that our beloved ones should be given a great care of by us, since we love them. Moreover, this is the most important part of our life to show attention to our relatives and friends. In my opinion, however, there are more lucrative ways to show our affection, which I am going to discuss here.
Affluent individuals have a responsibility to help the destitute by donating money, which is an essential part of a wealthy person. It is justifiable to say that the poor people would get a helping hand from the rich. I, holistically, agree with the statement, because if the elites do not donate the impoverishment, who would come forward to aid them.
Emphasizing on primary education can resolve the unemployment rate, which is advocated by some people. From my perspective, only giving primary erudition to citizens and taking them back to work will never increase the employment rate rather than many workers would drop out from companies due to the absence of higher secondary knowledge.
It is true that the role of the social interaction in the cyberspace has significantly risen. In addition to the growing social networking online, there is an increasing amount of social Apps with internet chats and even the text messaging between friends; this overall development has considerably diminished lively communication among the people. In my opinion, these changes are more for better than for worse in general.
It is true that the penitentiary system proved to be not perfect with its current ways of treating the criminals. In addition, the outcomes of their treatment in prisons are often regrettable and to not match the expectations of the society. In my opinion, alternative ways in dealing with the lawbreakers are much better than a conventional institution.